In every Fire Emblem game, making smart decisions is essential for keeping all of your units alive and happy. The first and biggest decision you must make in Fire Emblem: Three Houses is regarding which house you will teach: the Black Eagles, the Golden Deer, or the Blue Lions.

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If you choose to become the professor of the Blue Lions, you will be met with the Prince of Faerghus, Dimitri, and his classmates. With the king of the jungle as their house mascot, the Blue Lions are strong, fierce, and extremely loyal. As their professor, it's your duty to learn about each Blue Lion and lead them down the right path.

10 Dedue's Soft Side

At first glance, Dedue immediately comes across as a serious man who does not speak much to anyone aside from Dimitri. His lack of emotion, unfortunately, stems from the Tragedy of Duscur, in which most of his people were killed.

Surprisingly, the stoic man has two gentle hobbies that he loves to partake in: gardening and cooking. Because he is the only student from Duscur at the Officers Academy, many of his classmates appreciate his Duscur recipes and learn how to cook from him. He even shows a rare smile after helping Annette cook a meal.


9 Ingrid's Love Of Food

As one of the most mature students in the Blue Lion house, Ingrid has all of her priorities straight in becoming a splendid knight. As shown in her supports, she cares little about her appearance and is seemingly immune to the charm of her handsome childhood friend, Sylvain. Instead, she focuses on her training, horses, and, of course, food.

Though Ingrid denies having a weakness to food, she's not fooling anyone. When eating a meal with her and Sylvain, the latter will take the opportunity to spill the beans. He claims Ingrid will not only hog all the food but also stuff her face, which both contradict her usual well-mannered self.

8 Lonely Ashe

The students enrolled at the Officers Academy come from all over Fodlan, but there are actually many preexisting friendships that had been established prior to entering the academy. Within the Blue Lion house, every student already had at least one friend going into the academy. The only exception is Ashe.

Dimitri, Felix, Ingrid, and Sylvain were all childhood friends, Annette and Mercedes previously attended the Royal School of Sorcery together, and Dedue became closely tied to Dimitri following the Tragedy at Duscur. Ashe, on the other hand, was raised apart from his fellow Blue Lions but quickly befriended them.

7 Similarity Between Felix & Dedue

Although they both come from the Blue Lions house, Felix and Dedue are two completely different people with different views, especially regarding Dimitri. While Felix has despised Dimitri ever since witnessing his savage and out-of-character behavior on the battlefield, Dedue respects Dimitri and has vowed to protect him with his life.

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Ironically, Felix and Dedue have a similarity that is based on their differences: they refuse to refer to Dimitri by name. Dimitri is the "Boar Prince" to Felix and "Your Highness" to Dedue. This changes only after Dimitri earns Felix's respect and Dedue sees him as a friend.

6 Annette's Talent With Axes

There's no doubt that Annette's character is designed to walk the path of a powerful magic-user. She not only attended the Royal School of Sorcery for magic studies but also excels with her Magic growth rate and talent in Reason.

At the same time, Annette also has a curious talent with Axes, which seems a little odd when her physical Strength is far weaker than her Magic. It is later revealed, however, that Annette can acquire Crusher, the Hero's Relic of her Crest. Because Crusher is an Axe based on Magic, it is perfectly suited for a unit like Annette.

5 Who Is Glenn?

As you play through the game and talk to characters in more depth, you'll start to notice some overlap between different characters' stories. For example, the name "Glenn" gets thrown around a lot from the likes of Felix, Ingrid, and Dimitri, but it isn't initially clear how he's connected to all of these Blue Lions.

Eventually, it's revealed that Glenn was Felix's older brother and Ingrid's fiancé who died in the Tragedy of Duscur. Glenn's death was one of many from the tragedy that haunted Dimitri and drove him to a very dark place.

4 Sylvain's Dark Side

Sylvain is the Blue Lions' resident flirt and ladies man. He openly flirts with all classmates and professors as if it's a game to him. As confirmation, his support conversations with Ingrid and Flayn reveal that he has hit on Ingrid's grandmother as well as animals in the monastery.

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In contrast, Sylvain's support conversations with Byleth show the truth behind his skirt-chasing ways. Due to his possession of a rare Crest, he is often sought after by women who only want him for the nobility of his Crest. For that reason, Sylvain has come to deeply despise the system of Crests and how they've made people obsess over their power.

3 Mercedes And The Death Knight

Mercedes is perhaps the sweetest and purest soul amongst the Blue Lions. She is a dedicated follower of the Church and always takes the initiative in making sure everyone is happy and in good health.

But of course, Mercedes, the most loving and nurturing character, just so happens to be closely connected to a major reoccurring villain, the Death Knight. As his name suggests, the Death Knight is ruthless in battle and fights for a different cause than the Blue Lions. In her Paralogue, Mercedes is able to briefly speak with the Death Knight, where it is confirmed that they are half-siblings.

2 Dimitri Makes A Hilarious Dancer

As one of the three house leaders, Dimitri is automatically given new and unique classes as the game progresses. Because his Lord Classes are powerful and don't require any tutoring or seals, many players might not think to reclass him.

On the other hand, it is possible for Dimitri to gain access to another unique class, the Dancer class, if he is the winner of the White Heron Cup. Not only does Dimitri despise dancing, but he will also look amazing in Part II as he's dancing around despite the eye patch and bloodlust for Edelgard's head.

1 Felix's Secret Love

If you aren't training with him, it's pretty difficult to get on Felix's good side. Based on how much time he spends in the Training Grounds, you'd think the guy doesn't know how to loosen up or relax every once in a while.

But the truth is, Felix does have something other than training in which he takes pleasure in: listening to other folks sing. In particular, he enjoys listening to Annette sing about random topics such as food or the library. Though Annette initially thinks he's just teasing her, Felix eventually admits that he's indeed enticed by her voice.

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