With Fire Emblem: Three Houses briefly ruling the gaming world, the player-character Byleth became a surprise cosplay favorite, with the cosplay community obsessing over the character's impressive design. Some of the best cosplays came from longtime fans of the series, though others who had just gotten into it or even never played it before were also able to deliver incredible efforts.

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In the end, however, everybody won; the cosplayers got to try out a new character, which allowed to them test their strengths and learn through practice; meanwhile, the cosplay fans got a heaping of truly amazing Byleth cosplays from a host of talented sources.

10 Illustris22

This piece of Byleth cosplay, done by cosplayer illustris22, has an awesome version of the character's school uniform, creating a realistic take on the classic design that fans of the Fire Emblem saga are sure to love. The photography (done by muchengie) is amazing, and the background creates a lovely atmosphere that commands the flow of the art.

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The use of classic novels (such as Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice) as props is an impressive added detail as well.


9 Sasukakimura

This piece of Enlightened One Byleth cosplay, performed marvelously by talented cosplay sasukakimura, nails the look right down to the littlest detail. The design is impressive and elaborately planned, from the costume intricacies to the matching tattoos.

The prop sword looks astonishingly realistic, and the other props (such as the wig and crown) are also creatively executed.

8 Hyrinkuun & Kikomasuff

There isn't a lot of Male Byleth cosplay out there, but this one, attended to perfectly by the talented hyrinkuun, imagines him and his female counterpart - portrayed by the equally talented kikomasuff - drinking tea against a picturesque forested backdrop.

The costumes are amazing, with special attention paid to every last design detail, and the props are accurate to the letter.

7 Amm_mi315

Some cosplayers go in teams of two to cosplay as Male and Female Byleth, but Twitter user amm_mi315 apparently doesn't need anyone else, as they can perform both roles just fine by themselves.

It's the fact that the two cosplays are so different and yet both so impressive (the cosplayer's spectacular costumes and creative props really come into play, and their confident poise throughout is exceptional) that makes this cosplay set quite literally twice as nice.

6 Franidesu

Cosplayer Franidesu's outing as Byleth is a top-tier effort elevated by the cosplayer's detailed, realistic costume and elegant poise, as well as the gorgeous photography done by Instagram user @photobaeee.

The composition is beautiful and really puts the cosplayer in center stage where they should be, while the background is put slightly out of focus and yet still remains a pivotal element to the piece itself.

5 Yaya Han

Yaya Han is one of the greatest cosplayers around; she's been on cosplay-based television shows, appeared in documentaries about cosplay, and she even has her own website dedicated to her various cosplays over the years. With such a good track record, it's less than surprising that her incredible Byleth cosplay is as amazing as it is - as always, her outfit is more than up to par, and she definitely has the right energy for the character.

Even if this was just a "test run" for her Byleth cosplay, it ended up a complete and total success.

4 Byletri

Taken at Los Angeles' self-proclaimed "Premier Anime & Cosplay Convention", ANIME Impulse, this creative take on Byleth was the work of talented cosplay artist byletri. First off, her costume looks just like the games in all the right ways; and not only that, but her props (wig and sword) are surprisingly accurate as well.

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The cosplayer definitely seems to understand that it's this kind of extra attention to detail that really takes a cosplay to the next level.

3 Jajankuro

Jajankuro, a popular cosplayer on both Instagram and Twitter, shared her impressive Byleth cosplay to both platforms - but the question is, what were the Instagrammers able to find wrong with it?

The photography is great, the outfit is superb, the overall design is pretty solid, and Jajankuro even seems like she's locked in to the "cosplayer's state of mind" - the end result is a practically perfect cosplay.

2 Natalia Kat

Natalia Kat is another cosplayer who's fairly well-known for her creative costume and prop designs, as well as the stellar photography (done here by photographer and streamer Nigel M.) that usually accompanies them.

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Her Byleth is another picture-perfect effort to add to the books, as she nails the design, snags a perfect shooting location, and - most importantly - rocks the actual "cosplay" part of it.

1 UNa Cosplayer

Looking at UNa Cosplayer's social media profiles, you'd rightly guess that the cosplayer is a major Fire Emblem addict - and you'd be right, as she said in an interview with Cosplay Realm Magazine that she played 2003's Fire Emblem game growing up because it was "an easy getaway." Apparently, she hasn't lost her love for the franchise in the intervening years, as she's tried out quite a few different Fire Emblem-related designs during her more than 13 years of cosplaying.

Her impressive take on Byleth is yet another amazingly-crafted entry to her growing pantheon of cosplays.

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