With only eight days until the release of the highly anticipated Fire Emblem: Three Houses "Cindered ShadowsDLC, fans are eager for new details about the Garreg Mach Monastery Officers Academy's mysterious fourth house. But beyond information about the actual plot of the upcoming side story, the official Fire Emblem Twitter account has additionally released specifics regarding the actual gameplay mechanics of the Cindered Shadows DLC.

As previously announced, the Cindered Shadows DLC will be available as as side story and be playable independent of the main Three Houses game. Players can access the story by selecting it in the main menu of the game, which can be found in-between “Nintendo eShop” and “Copy”

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In accordance with the fact that Cindered Shadows will take place independently of the main story, the DLC will have its own separate save files and progression trackers.

While the main game tracks characters' progression through Byleth's tutoring sessions and concluding tests for each class, there will be no qualification exams to progress character skills for fighting classes. In Cindered Shadows, each character will come with a predetermined, fixed set of classes that players can choose and switch between. The DLC will also unlock brand new fighting classes that can be potentially used in the main game.

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In addition to the kinds of fighting classes each character can be classes into, all Cindered Shadows characters will come with a fixed skill level. Players will have to utilize the skills and levels that have been set for these characters, stripping away the usual freedom they may be used to in the main Three Houses game.

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The official Fire Emblem Twitter also highlighted the difficulty of this new side story, confirming that players can expect more challenging maps while playing Cindered Shadows. Be sure to plan accordingly before each battle and anticipate a new challenge while taking on this new story.

Upon completion of the side story, players also have the potential to unlock the new students from the Ashen Wolves house as playable units in the main story.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is currently available for the Nintendo Switch. The Cindered Shadows DLC will be released on February 12.

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