The Death Knight is an interesting character in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. He acts as something of a nemesis to both Byleth and the Church attacking and harassing both throughout the story. Learning the character’s full story requires playing through every ending and unlocking a unique Paralogue.

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But there’s a lot about this character that remains unknown or seems contradictory to his nature. Whether it’s questionable choices, contradicting backstory, or unexplained actions here are some things about the Death Knight that make no sense. Spoiler warning.

10 Purpose In The Abyss

Fire Emblem Three Houses Death Knight Serenes Forest

When the player encounters the Abyss the Death Knight is there looking to fight Byleth. Yet once the battle is over he vanishes for the rest of the time the player explores that area.

What’s unclear is why he was in the Abyss in the first place. There’s never an explanation and Edelgard is confused as to why he’s there. There’s also no explanation for why he disappears for the rest of the time either. It seems odd that someone hellbent on fighting Byleth would just stay away.


9 Turned Against Edelgard

Fire Emblem Three Houses Edelgard Directs Death Knight

Because Edelgard took him under her wing the Death Knight is fiercely loyal to her and follows her every directive. Yet after the five year timeskip and in the Abyss he refuses to do anything she says. It’s like a switch was flipped and there’s no explanation for it.

It’s never revealed if she betrayed him, if the Death Knight persona has degraded to utter insanity, or if ulterior motives are at play. One minute he’s a loyal servant of the Fire Emperor and the next he could care less what she has to say.

8 Hides Out In A Monastery

Fire Emblem Three Houses Death Knight At Monastery

During the Crimson Flower route the player will learn that the Death Knight has taken up residence at the Garreg Mach monastery. While it would make sense for Jeritza to hide out there, it makes no sense the Death Knight would.

The Death Knight has a deep hatred for the church and as aligned with Edelgard, however loosely. The Death Knight should be engaging in battle, residing with Edelgard, or camped out near a battlefield, yet he’s relaxing in a monastery.

7 Killed The Entire House of Bartels

Fire Emblem Three Houses Jeritza

The Death Knight persona was created when Jeritza snapped and killed the entire House of Bartels. What isn’t explained is how he managed to do this. The Death Knight is a very talented warrior, but so would many member of House Bartels.

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In fact, it’s likely they were the ones who taught Jeritza how to fight in the first place. It’s hard to imagine that one young man would have managed to slaughter an entire House on their own.

6 What Triggers The Death Knight Persona

Fire Emblem Three Houses Death Knight Encounter

The Death Knight was born of intense rage and the slaughter of an entire House. Since then this split persona seeks violence, chaos, and death. But it’s unclear what causes the persona to surface now that it exists.

The game never fully explains if it’s something random, something Jeritza controls to some degree, or if it surfaces from certain triggers. The only consistent time it appears is when it’s nighttime. Aside from that, there seems to be no rhyme or reason behind why or when it appears.

5 He Became A Teacher

Fire Emblem Three Houses Irritated Professor

Jeritza knows the homicidal part of his psyche known as Death Knight exists. He knows that at any moment this brutal warrior with a thirst for blood could surface and take control of him. So naturally, he becomes a teacher to educate young men and women on how to become better fighters.

At some point, Jeritza or his handlers had to wonder if putting him in a stressful environment was a good idea. What would happen if he suffered a blackout because a student was giving him grief one day? What if he was accidentally injured during practice and it unleashed his homicidal tendencies?

4 He Teaches Fencing

Fire Emblem Three Houses Jeritza Teacher

Another weird aspect of the Death Knight is that Jeritza became a fencing instructor. The Death Knight is a being who can slay armies using a Scythe, Lance, and heavy armor was deemed suited in teaching fencing.

Neither the character nor the class have any skills even remotely related to swordplay. Sure as a warrior he’d understand the basics and Death Knights are master counter attackers. But it seems like an odd fit that makes very little sense.

3 He Remembers Mercedes

Fire Emblem Three Houses Mercedes Death Knight

After killing House Bartels he was found alone by Edelgard. She erased his past, changed his name, and placed him in a new House. Effectively Emile ceased to be and Jeritza was a new person with the Death Knight surfacing now and then.

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Yet somehow he retains a memory of Mercedes and holds that deep love for her. For someone who’s forgotten everything and moved into a new life it makes no sense that she would mean anything to him. Perhaps something wasn’t completely eliminated from his memory, but it seems odd.

2 He Helps Byleth And The Alliance

Fire Emblem Three Houses Death Knight Class

The Death Knight is a homicidal maniac with a thirst for blood. He also serves Edelgard loyally before the timeskip. His prime directive is the destruction of the Alliance and Byleth if they side with the Alliance. The Death Knight’s main ambition is to fight and kill.

Yet for whatever reason this insane individual made sure to warn Byleth and members of the Alliance about the incoming Javelins of Light. Instead of allowing the attack to happen and slaughter everyone causing utter chaos, he warns them and prevents it from happening.

1 Apologizes To Manuela

Fire Emblem Three Houses Manuela Apology

After Manuela discovered the Death Knights true identity the psychopath stabbed her and fled. Later when Manueal confronts him after the timeskip the Death Knight shows remorse for the act and apologizes.

It’s unclear why a homicidal maniac would even have remorse for the event. If anything it’s strange the Death Knight didn’t remain to ensure Manuela was killed. Seeing the scythe wielding barbarian apologize for stabbing Manuela didn’t make a lot of sense.

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