Fire Emblem: Three Houses stands as one of the most surprisingly successful launches on the Nintendo Switch. Winning the award for Strategy Game of the Year in 2019, this franchise has finally broken the barrier to appeal to Western audiences on a grand scale.

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Straying from tales of more seasoned lords in favor of following budding talents from an elite warrior's school, Fire Emblem: Three Houses offers an emotional journey between friends turned enemies, and while it is undeniably an excellent game, some plot holes can break immersion.

10 Asking A Young Mercenary To Be A Professor

Fire Emblem Three Houses Nintendo Switch

Players assuming the role of Byleth will have three houses to choose from, each with their own set of students to mentor. The most curious aspect of the setup for this game is that Byleth is a mercenary, a hired hand that the leaders of each of the three houses meet on an excursion away from the school. Byleth is later given the option to take a position as a teacher at the elite school for the children of high ranking nobles, despite having no prior experience.


9 Mock Battles Between The Three Classes

Fire Emblem Three Houses Nintendo Switch

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, there are three distinct divisions of students from varying areas of Fodlan. These factions are known as the Black Eagles, led by Edelgard Von Hresvelg, the Blue Lions, led by Dimitri, and the Golden Deer, led by Claude.

While they all go to school together, they participate in a traditional pseudo war once a year where teams wage battle to see who would come out on top should they ever go against one another. This is a bit on the nose, even for a Fire Emblem game, and the fact that the students view the situation as "fun" is a tad chilling.

8 Conversations In Life Or Death Combat

Fire Emblem Three Houses Nintendo Switch

When the mock battles stop and the true fighting begins, friends from separate houses turn into foes fighting against one another. With this turn of events, players must choose a house to align with, while fighting against former allies.

Players take control of armies, yet the main characters somehow make time to have conversations with their enemies within the chaos of war. Even with scenes that are equal parts touching and heartbreaking, it just doesn't seem reasonable to assume that the separate parties could hear each other on the battlefield, let alone have long dialogues.

7 Recruiting Enemies On The Battlefield

Fire Emblem Three Houses Nintendo Switch

As a direct result of the conversations that are prominent during the war, players can save select members of the opposition and recruit them to fight alongside you. Once they are beaten, a brief exchange can ensue where they are taken in by the player's party.

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To fully realize the ability to recruit adversaries, players will need stat benefits only available via the new game plus. It just seems a bit odd that these characters will finally decide to switch sides when on death's door.

6 Byleth And Sothis Connection

Fire Emblem Three Houses Nintendo Switch

From the very beginning of the game, Byleth has been graced with a connection to the goddess Sothis. Appearing in his dreams at the beginning of the game, not even she is aware of why she is bonded to the protagonist of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

One of the benefits of their connection sees the ability to freeze and rewind time passed on to Byleth. She remembers almost nothing of herself, and players are left to sift through clues the game gives them to figure out who she is. While players eventually come to learn about her past, her connection to Byleth is left inconclusive, boiling down to a Chosen One narrative.

5 Absent Parents During The War

Fire Emblem Three Houses Nintendo Switch

Throughout the entirety of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, several members of the cast talk about how influential and powerful their families are both on and off the battlefield. Despite this knowledge, almost all of the fighters in the post time skip war are former students of Belhalla Royal Academy. With so much mention of these warriors, it seems a bit strange that they leave the most difficult battles to young adults. They are mentioned now and again, but seeing them at least a few times would help the suspension of disbelief for this war-torn power struggle.

4 Reia Being A Dragon

Fire Emblem Three Houses Nintendo Switch

Not only is Rhea the archbishop of the Church of Seiros and the leader of the Knights of Seiros, but she is also an immortal dragon known as The Immaculate One. Though she is first depicted as a harmless and compassionate matriarch, her true nature is revealed when the conflict starts.

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More interesting than her being a dragon is the undying loyalty her forces display even after she transforms. When her temper flares she presents an unhinged nature that would take most by surprise, but somehow, no Seiros follower is bothered.

3 Byleth Never Talking

Fire Emblem Three Houses Nintendo Switch

Following the model of many choice-driven JRPGs, Byleth is a silent protagonist, only uttering a few choice phrases during battle. Though it is inferred that the mercenary-turned-teacher verbalizes chosen options, a bit of voice acting would help the player get a sense for Byleth as a character. With so little to say, much about this chosen one is left up to player inference. While this does help some relay themselves onto the character, it seems strange that a teacher and wartime commander would be the silent type.

2 The Leader Of The Church Controlling An Army

Fire Emblem Three Houses Nintendo Switch

Not only is Rhea an immortal dragon, but she also heads the two most powerful organizations in all of Fodlan, the army and a church they are beholden to. Soldiers like Catherine follow Rhea unconditionally, despite the clear signs of mental decline and religious dogma that plagues the character over the course of the story. How no one in this world thought an all-powerful being known as 'The Immaculate One' in charge of both the church and state wouldn't cause an uprising is beyond any voice of reason.

1 The Option To Romance Former Students

Fire Emblem Three Houses Nintendo Switch

After the time skip, Byleth's relationship with the former students understandably evolves. They've become hardened warriors willing to give their lives in service of a cause greater than themselves. And while they are of age, something just doesn't feel right about romancing a former student. Just about every student and faculty member has a romance option, including house leaders like Edelgard. Even if this is a known trope within the JRPG genre, that doesn't make it any easier to swallow.

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