Leonie Pinelli is the tough tomboy who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty in Fire Emblem: Three HousesAmongst her fellow classmates at the Officers Academy, she is one of the most hardworking and competitive students with the dream of following in the footsteps of her favorite mentor, Jeralt.

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Despite not coming from a family of noble lineage, Leonie is still an important and beloved member of the Golden Deer house. Through her strong work ethic and unwavering heart, she has earned the respect of her allies and fans alike. In fact, it isn't uncommon to find fantastic fan art dedicated to the diligent Leonie that players have come to love.

10 Ready For Battle By @Vulpyx

While all of the students at the Officers Academy are well equipped to become great fighters on the battlefield, Leonie has always taken it a step further with her training in honing her battle skills.

As shown in this drawing by @vulpyx, Leonie exudes confidence as she wields her lance. In addition, she keeps a bunch of arrows on hand for more of a long-range approach. Her versatility with weapons makes her a useful unit to have around.


9 Break Time By @Takitakos

In addition to all of the intense battles that take place throughout the course of the Three Houses storyline, there is also plenty of downtime for the characters to rest and take it easy. For example, it is possible to chat and indulge in tea with students while exploring the monastery.

This fan art by @takitakos depicts Leonie trying to rest during a break with a hot beverage in hand. Whether she's on her own or with someone else out of frame, it seems as though she can't fully relax or just sit around as someone who's always so active.

Unlike the shy Marianne or lazy Hilda, Leonie thrives on taking action and making the most of her time. Her endless training has no doubt helped in boosting her overall confidence as a reliable ally in battle.

Artist @sunshinememoir shows off Leonie's confident and tough grin in front of the Golden Deer symbol. As a proud member of the Golden Deer class, she will not hesitate to jump at any opportunity to flaunt her strength and skills against her opponent.

7 Jeralt's Number On Fan By @Setzeri

Perhaps Leonie's most defining feature is her love and respect for Jeralt. As someone who takes pride in being the famed mercenary's apprentice, Leonie will speak highly of Jeralt at any chance she gets.

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To play off of Leonie's love for Jeralt, @setzeri reimagines Leonie with the same exact haircut as her beloved mentor. Although her actual hairstyle is quite flattering on her, it would have also made a lot of sense for her to take on Jeralt's iconic hairstyle after the time-skip.

6 Charisma By @Dearty-Beloved

Prior to the time-skip, Leonie maintains an overall optimistic outlook on training during her time at the Officers Academy. She is certainly one of the most reliable and enthusiastic students when it comes to getting work done.

Artist @dearty-beloved draws a charismatic Leonie posing and beaming with confidence. Along with her friendly smile, she also has sparkles in her eyes to add to her radiance. With her level of charisma, Leonie is sure to inspire her peers to work hard.

5 Headache By @Knightlysong

While Leonie is not one to complain or make excuses for herself, she's still a human who experiences unpleasant things from time to time. Whether something is bothering her or she isn't feeling her best, it is valid for her to express her thoughts and feelings whenever she feels the need to do so.

This relatable fan art by @knightlysong features a bothered Leonie with furrowed brows and her fingers against her forehead. She simply says she has a headache, though the cause is left up to interpretation.

4 Pretty Gal By @Claiai

With the need to be tough and the influence of Jeralt on her side, Leonie is very much a tomboy who cares little about her own appearance and doesn't mind being a little rowdy every once in a while.

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At the same time, other students like Sylvain and Ignatz have commented on Leonie's own unique beauty. Similarly, artist @claiai draws Leonie with enhanced features of longer eyelashes, fuller lips, and ruffled hair while still maintain her tomboy spirit.

3 In Action By @Matchabot

While some of the other students may thrive indoors, Leonie prefers to be outdoors and on the go where her hunter's instincts can come alive.

This bold artwork by @matchabot shows Leonie with the brightest of smiles as she either sticks a landing or prepares to leap into action. She may even be challenging Byleth, her rival, to a friendly race. Either way, she is surely having fun being active and doing what she loves most.

2 Girl Band Member By @Keyade

Outside of the gruesome war and battles that take place in the world of Three Houses, it would be interesting to see what life the characters would lead in a more modern setting. For example, artist @keyade reimagines Leonie as a charming member of an all-girl band.

With a red-collared shirt, a star choker, and a strong smoldering look, Leonie proves she'd be able to rock the hearts of her devoted fans as a musical icon. Together with her fellow Golden Deer ladies, she'd save the world with her music rather than brute strength.

1 Gains By @Jsketch12

From all of Leonie's hard work and intense training, it's only natural for her to physically see the results. This fan art by @jsketch12 shows Leonie flexing her bicep to measure its diameter. It's clear to see from her toned abdominals, however, that she's been strengthening more than just her arms.

In addition, two key details can be seen at a closer glance. She pays respect to both her Golden Deer class and Jeralt with her shoulder tattoo and Blade Breaker tank.

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