Fortnite players can now Naruto run in honor of the failed raid on Area 51.

If you live anywhere on the internet for the past few months, then you’ve probably already encountered a meme that was generated thanks to “Storm Area 51,” a Facebook event that was started as a joke earlier this year. The plan was to gather thousands of people at Area 51 in Nevada--a well-known US Air Force Base that has been rumored to store alien remains--and then “Naruto run” past the guards in order to “see them aliens.”

Although initially intended as a joke, the US Air Force didn’t find it so funny. They warned anyone attempting to access Area 51 would be repulsed with deadly force, which explains why only a few hundred of the several million people who said they were coming actually showed up at Area 51 last weekend.

Thanks to a few armed guards, the whole thing was a bust. Also, the organizers turned it into an Area 51-themed concert in the weeks leading up to it, making us all wonder if it was all just on elaborate marketing ploy.

Regardless, the failed raid has generated its own memes, including the one guy who actually did Naruto run past a reporter in the lead-up to the event.

Epic Games is never one to sit on a good meme without turning it into a microtransaction, so in honor of that one guy, you can now Naruto run in Fortnite.

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They call it the “Full Tilt” emote, but as with most other Fortnite emotes, it’s based on a meme with a real name. In this case, it’s running with your arms stretched out behind you as though the act of running while pumping your arms normally causes more air resistance because you’re just going so dang fast.


In addition to the new Naruto run emote, Fortnite also has an Area 51-themed alien skin that also honors the failed raid. It was identified by data miners last week and was added in the latest 10.40 patch.

Alien Cupid Skins
via Fortnite Insider

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NetEase called it a bug, but others called it a feature. 

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