Fortnite easily has some of the best in-game outfits out of any Battle Royale due to their deals licensing big-name franchises and properties. There is no shortage of cosmetic items to show your love for your favorite movie or comic. From Deadpool to Batman, here is a breakdown of every DC and Marvel skin currently in the game.

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DC Comics Outfits:

Aquaman / Arthur Curry Outfit

Aquaman Fortnite Outfit portrait

Players can unlock this Aquaman skin by completing the Aquaman weekly challenges that started this past June and will be available to complete throughout Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3. After completing all the weekly challenges, players can also get you the Arthur Curry variant skin, which is Aquaman without his signature battle armor, and instead just Jason Momoa shirtless with some black pants and leather wrist cuffs. Kinky. To unlock this variant, players need to have the Aquaman outfit equipped and dive Over the waterfall at Gorgeous Gorge to unlock the Arthur Curry outfit.

Black Manta Outfit

Black Manta Fortnite Outfit portrait

What's a superhero without a supervillain? Fans wanting to sport Aquaman's fierce opponent Black Manta can pick up his outfit in the item shop for 1,500 V-bucks. Strike fear into every opponent that challenges you.

The Dark Knight Movie Outfit

Batman Dark Knight Movie Fortnite Outfit portrait

Fans of the Dark Knight, and suits that allow your neck to move, will love the Dark Knight Movie outfit which captures the gritty feel of Christopher Nolan's Batman. The only way players were able to acquire this outfit was through a promotional pack last year on Batman day for $20. However, if this pack were to return this coming September, players should pick it up.


Batman Comic Book Outfit

Batman Comic Book Fortnite Outfit portrait

If you want to suit up like the caped crusader but not a big fan of the Nolan style, then have no fear the Batman Comic book outfit is here. Unfortunately, this outfit was only available with the caped crusader pack, so watch the store if this outfit returns on Batman day.

Harley Quinn / Always Fantabulous Outfit

Harley Quinn Fortnite Outfit portrait

If players manage to have gotten this outfit while it was available in the item shop, for 1,500 V-bucks, they had access to a set of challenges tied to the Birds of Prey promotion. Those challenges unlocked a variant outfit called Always Fantabulous, which switched up Harley's Suicide Squad Outfit for the Birds Of Prey styled change.

Catwoman Comic Book Outfit

Catwoman Fortnite Outfit portrait

Similar to the Batman outfits, this Catwoman outfit was available in September for 1,500 V-bucks and has not been seen since. Keep your eyes peeled if this set pops up again, and you can crack your whip at anyone that gives you a dirty look.

Marvel Comics Outfits:

Captain America Outfit

Captain America Fortnite Outfit Portrait

Captain America released earlier this month as part of a 2,000 V-buck bundle that allows you to don the shield. If you are itching to be the world's most iconic boy scout, then get the pack while it is still available.

Deadpool/ Deadpool Unmasked Outfit

Deadpool Fortnite Outfit Portrait

What would a comic franchise crossover be without a Deadpool cameo? The Merc with a mouth was available via a series of weekly challenges during Chapter 2 Season 2. Players that managed to get the Deadpool outfit could also complete an additional challenge by using an emote on Deadpool's yacht dancefloor. After completing the challenge, players could unlock the unmasked Deadpool outfit too see the pretty leathery face under the scary mask.

Ravenpool Outfit

Ravenpool Fortnite Outfit Portrait

Deadpool mania did not end with the Deadpool outfit, and players with some extra V-bucks could score the Ravenpool outfit in the item shop for 1,500 V-bucks.

Cuddlepool Outfit

Cuddlepool Fortnite Outfit Portrait

If scary and mean is not your style, be cuddly and cute with the Cuddlepool outfit that released alongside Ravenpool. This outfit was available in the item shop for 1,500 V-bucks, or 2,000 V-bucks in the Deadpool Mashups pack that came with the Ravenpool outfit as well.

Cable Outfit

Cable Fortnite Outfit Portrait

If you're sick of the merc with a mouth, you're not alone! The Cable outfit was available in the item shop for 1,500 V-bucks, or 3,000 V-bucks if players purchased the X-Force Outfits Bundle that came with Domino and Psylocke outfits as well.

Domino Outfit

Domino Fortnite Outfit Portrait

If you need an extra dose of good luck, then the Domino outfit is for you. This outfit was purchasable in the store, so keep an eye out if it returns.

Psylocke Outfit

Psylocke Fortnite Outfit Portrait

Scare enemies with your telekinetic katana with the Psylocke outfit. This outfit was part of the X-Force bundle or sold individually in the item shop.

Star-Lord Outfit

Star Lord Fortnite Outfit Portrait

Create dance-offs, not war with the Star-Lord outfit that captures this Guardian's laid back attitude. The Star-Lord outfit was available in the item shop for 1,500 V-bucks, but keep an eye out if this item returns.

Black Widow Outfit

Black Widow Fortnite Outfit Portrait

Fans of the Russian spy could score the Black Widow outfit in the item shop during the Avenger: Infinity War promotion last year, for 1,500 V-bucks. The outfit also came with a blonde hair variation, a reference to Natasha's look in the films.

"Dad Bod Jonesy" Outfit

Dad Bod Jonesy Fortnite Outfit Portrait

At the time of writing, this outfit is unreleased but has been leaked across various channels. The Dad Bod Jonesy outfit, at least that is the name to the current leaks, will soon be released on the item shop alongside a new bundle. Players will soon be able to hunt down NoobMaster69 as thicc Thor.

Currently, that is every Marvel and DC outfit in Fortnite, but not the end of them. If comics are not your thing, the item shop has an overwhelming amount of outfits to choose from.

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