Data discovered in Fall Guys' latest update suggests that a crossover with battle royale rival Fortnite is on the horizon.

Keeping a battle royale game fresh is a challenge many developers face on a daily basis. Most require players to do the same thing over and over again. That's why Fall Guys has been aggressive, in a good way, when it comes to crossing over with over franchises. According to a mine of its latest update, that next crossover could be with Fortnite.

The information was discovered and shared by Twitter account Fortnite Leaks. It includes five strings, all of which are sporting the word Fortnite and pertain to various characters from the game's roster. Peely, Llama, and Cuddle Team Leader all make the cut, suggesting that, at the ver least, they will be added to Fall Guys as crossover costumes sometime soon.

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The Fall Guys update in which these strings have been found was the big season 3.5 one that went live last week. It introduced a whole new level to the game, over 40 variations of already-existing levels, and the promise that previous crossover costumes Sonic and Godzilla are set to return to the store rotation. Add Fortnite into the mix and that's a lot of collaborations to come during the second half of season three.

Fortnite is no stranger to a crossover event itself, of course. They have been coming thick and fast this season and include The Mandalorian, Predator, and the T-800, and Sarah Connor from the Terminator movies. There's been no word on whether Fall Guys will return the favor and we'll see the brightly colored beans from the virtual game show also show up on Fortnite's island.


Fortnite is precisely the kind of game those in charge at Fall Guys will want to team up with. Although the two are very different titles, they fall under the same BR umbrella. Not only that, but they have both geared the genre in a way that their games are more suitable for all ages. Fall Guys needs to do all that it can to keep people interested and draw in new players. That will eventually include moving onto different platforms, but its devs have denied that will be happening anytime soon.

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