Data miners seem to have discovered the location for a future POI in Fortnite, and all signs indicate it becoming the landing place for Aquaman's Atlantis.

Epic has made sure that superheroes and Fortnite have gone hand-in-hand via a number of crossovers with both Marvel and DC. Heroes and villains, or elements of their persona, to appear in Fortnite so far include Thanos, Harley Quinn, Batman, Iron Man, and Captain America. However, so far in Chapter 2, superheroes have been taking up residencies in Fortnite.

The first to do so was Deadpool. The anti-hero took up residency in a cramped men's bathroom beneath The Agency, issuing challenges and conducting his work from there. Deadpool-themed happenings throughout the season included the release of various skins, as well as the taking over of The Yacht by the Marvel mercenary.

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In Season 3, Deadpool's spot has been taken by Aquaman. It makes sense considering all the water. However, the Justice League member doesn't have a hideout like Deadpool did, not that working six inches away from a urinal is anything to be jealous of. A little digging from data miners appears to have uncovered a place on the map Aquaman will soon be able to call home. A massive canyon currently hidden beneath the waves.

Granted, it doesn't look like much right now. However, leakers believe it will one day be the location of Aquaman's home, Atlantis. The area is encrypted in Fortnite's code as "POI_TheRuins_Falls" which adds credence to that theory. Chances are regular players won't be able to find it as it is very non-descript and as we stated earlier, the whole thing is underwater right now.


If this blank canvas will one day be Fortnite's take on Atlantis, there are a couple of potential reasons why Epic has decided to leave it empty for now. The most likely explanation is Atlantis, or whatever will appear there, isn't ready. It might not pop up for a few more weeks yet. The other reason is it didn't want players stumbling upon it ahead of time. The fact that images and videos of the submerged canyon have surfaced online is proof that Epic made the right call if so.

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