A guide on how to get off-road tires on any vehicle. Another quality of life feature has been added to Fortnite. This time, Epic Games decided to add car mods. There are various types of cars in the game, some are better off-road, some allow you to use a turbo boost and some are bulkier yet slower.

Now, with the new vehicle mod, you can add off-road tires to cars in Fortnite. By doing this you will improve a car, making it so it can go up steep hills and mountains in the game with ease.

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Epic continues to add content to the game even after all these years, it's hard not to continue hooked on Fortnite. Recently datamined information has revealed that another familiar face is joining the battle and jumping into action and she's getting her own LTM (limited-time mode) as well. It's none other than Aloy, the protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn.

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The season has only recently started and with every weekly update, fans are getting more and more content to enjoy. It's great to see how much effort the developers put into the game.

If you want to try this new feature for yourself or simply need to get it done for Week 5's challenges, this is how you can modify a vehicle with off-road tires.

How To Find Off-Road Tires

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If you're looking for off-road tires, make your way to a garage, they're usually attached to gas stations. There will be off-road tires there as floor loot and if you break the tire racks on the wall, it will drop another one of these vehicle mods as well.

However, be warned that the car mod will take up an inventory slot. It doesn't work like materials do. It's an item that you can hold and carry in your hand. So, if you've already filled the five spaces available in your inventory make sure you have a vehicle nearby so you can quickly return later and pick up the weapon or health item you left behind.


Content creator squatingdog has created a map that shows players where they should to find this new item. They are easier to find on the northern part of the map.

How To Change Tires

Now you might be wondering, how exactly do you apply these new tires onto a car in Fortnite? Do you just approach it, crouch and change each tire individually? No, it's much simpler than that.

throwing tire fortnite

To change tires in Fortnite, you need to have the item Vehicle Mod: Off-Road Tires in your inventory. Once you do just press and hold the aiming button as if it were a weapon or if you were to throw a health item. Aim the camera in the direction of the car you want to modify and then release the button.

The car will automatically change the tires to off-road tires once you throw the mod at it. It is simple and takes nearly no time at all.

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