Fortnite continues its partnership with phone maker OnePlus to bring us Creative Island 90.

The year 2020 is making for very strange bedfellows. Epic Games and OnePlus have already teamed up to announce that Fortnite Mobile will run at a blistering 90 frames per second on the new OnePlus 8 phone, beating most other mobile devices by a full 30 fps. Now, the two companies are continuing their partnership with Creative Island 90, made using Fortnite’s Creative mode.

Creative Island 90 consists of five mini-games. You have Color Dash, where players will try to color tiles while trying to overcome “extreme horizontal gravitational forces” while tossing Boogie Bombs at other players. TNT Run has players erase the ground from underneath their opponents while trying to avoid falling themselves.

Skydive Shootout takes players up to the highest of heights and then drops them for a 90-second freefall. The goal here is to pass through as many hoops as possible on your way down.

Target Practice places several zombies at different locations and gives players just a few seconds to shoot them. The quickest on the draw wins this game. Meanwhile, Lava Escape brings new meaning to “the floor is lava” by having players flee a constantly rising pool of lava.

Creative Island 90 arrives on May 29 at 10 AM EST.

Source: Epic

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