A Fortnite streamer who assaulted his pregnant girlfriend during a stream has been spared jail time by an Australian court.

Luke James Munday pleaded guilty to assaulting Grace Campbell back in July and, having appeared in court on Wednesday, was sentenced to a 14-month good behavior bond that will see him kept away from prison providing he does not break the terms of said bond.

Such a sentence is usually handed to a juvenile or first-time offender but Munday was fortunate enough to be placed on one despite being neither.

The incident in question took place while Munday - who goes by the name MrDeadMoth - was streaming a Fortnite session on December 10 last year. Campbell was heard calling Munday to join their family for dinner and viewers would witness her throwing several objects at him when he refused to leave his streaming.

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The 27-year-old gamer left his seat and proceeded to slap his then-girlfriend, throwing her to the ground as well. While the assault was not captured on video, viewers heard the slapping noise and some of them reported it to the police.

Two children aged 3 and 20 months were present at the time and could have been heard in the background.

Per The Guardian, Munday's lawyer Steven Mercael told the court that the assault was "just a slap" but Magistrate Mark Douglass advised him to withdraw the word "just" from his argument as it was "unwise."

“He’s a loving caring person with no history of domestic violence,” Mercael said. “On this day he just slapped his partner.”

He withdrew his remarks after being cautioned by the sitting Magistrate.


“I would not in any way accept the submission this was just a slap in the face, the court rejects that submission,” Douglass remarked.

The Magistrate also told Munday he could have considered a custodial sentence had certain submissions not been made on his behalf. That Campbell started out as the aggressor probably helped his case too.

“I suggest things being thrown is unacceptable but the response was inappropriate, unlawful and violent,” Douglass said. “The submissions made on your behalf, if they had not been made, I would have viewed the threshold may have been reached and perhaps considered some form of custodial sentence.”

Munday was convicted of common assault back in 2011 so he doesn't have a squeaky clean history as his attorney would have us believe but he's managed to avoid prison for now.

He and Campbell have since gone their separate ways.

Source: The Guardian

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