A big blue mushroom is claimable to all players in Pokémon Sword & Shieldbut they will have to act fast, as the free Shiny Amoonguss is only available until tomorrow.

Amoonguss is a mushroom Pokémon that debuted in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl. It has generally been a great choice for competitive battles, thanks to its Regenerator Ability and an awesome selection of moves, including the mighty Spore. The regular version of Amoonguss has a red and white pattern on its body, which is reminiscent of a Poké Ball, while the Shiny version has a blue and white on its body, which is reminiscent of a Great Ball.

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It's now possible for all Pokémon Sword & Shield owners to claim a free Shiny Amoonguss. According to the Serebii Twitter account, the Shiny Amoonguss will only be available until 14:59 UTC on August 10. In order to claim the free Amoonguss, the player will need to go to "Mystery Gift", then select "Get a Mystery Gift", then select "Get with Code/Password". The game will then connect to the Internet. The player needs to type in TRA1NERSCUP. If they have performed the above steps correctly, then a Shiny Amoonguss will appear in their box. The code works in all regions of the game.

The Shiny Amoonguss is a reference to a Pokémon used by a Korean player named Baik Jongyoon during the 2019 World Championships. The Shiny Amoonguss comes with max IVs in everything except Attack and Speed, and it knows Clear Smog, Protect, Rage Powder, and Spore.


Shiny hunters have one of the most difficult (or rather, time-consuming) tasks in all of gaming, especially if they want to create a Shiny living 'Dex. Game Freak does throw these people a bone now and then, in the form of free Shiny Pokémon given away as part of events. A Shiny Amoonguss is now available to all Pokémon Sword & Shield fans, so long as they can get to their Switch before tomorrow.

The Shiny Amoongus is available to claim in Pokémon Sword & Shield from now until August 10.

Source: Serebii/Twitter

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