Romance: a phenomenon where two people show affection for each other in ways that cannot really be explained. It seems like just about every mainstream video game nowadays gives the player the chance to romance a select character, be it romance in an RPG or anything else. In some games though, the decision is truly agonizing.

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Deciding on whether someone is the one is tough enough in real life, let alone in video games. In some games though, it truly is difficult, since the characters that a game presents are great people based on their personalities alone. Here are ten games where it is agonizing for players to decide who to romance.

10 Skyrim

A marriage takes place in Skyrim

Unlike some games on this list, Skyrim actually gives the player a chance to potentially marry a character of their choice. There are a number of good romanceable characters in the game, which makes it tough to decide on who to marry.

From the good and honest blacksmith Balimund, to the seemingly cold but really warm Dravynea, there are a number of characters with likable personalities and good ways to help better the Dragonborn on their quest.


9 Harvest Moon Series

A wedding taking place with a good crowd of people in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

The Harvest Moon series has been around since the 90s and has been allowing players to marry whatever character they please to help maintain their farm. The player is unfortunately limited to only straight pairings, but that does not take away the agony of the decision.

A number of pretty bachelorettes and handsome bachelors inhabit the game's universe. It's a chore to decide which of them is truly the best in the series.

8 Divinity: Original Sin 2

Official artwork of Divinty: Original Sin 2 characters (from left to right) Beast, Ifan, Sebille, Red Prince and Lohse

An RPG that seemingly came out of nowhere, Divinity: Original Sin II had a world that was both cold and charming at the same time. The game even lets players romance a number of characters, both part of the player's party and outside of it.

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Though there are a number of characters that cannot be romanced, those that can be are great in their own way. There is the upbeat and daring Lohse and the arrogant but charming Red Prince, to name a few.

7 Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

Eagle Bearer Alexios enjoys a quiet moment with Kyra at night in front of a fire

Odyssey went all-in on the RPG aspects of the series, and part of that was adding romance options for Alexios or Kassandra to pursue during their odyssey.

Figuring out who to please Aphrodite with is one of the toughest decisions in the game. There a number of people to feel the love with across the ancient Greek World. While multiple characters can be romanced at once, there are some dire consequences for doing so.

6 Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The Fire Emblem: Three Houses cast come together for a group photo

Romance in Fire Emblem has been around since Awakening, but it was perhaps best done in Three Houses. There are over 35 romance options in the game between all three houses.

Protagonist Byleth can romance just about any of those 35 they want. There are many good choices to choose from with Ingrid and Claude being popular for male Byleth and female Byleth respectively.

5 Persona 5/Persona 5: Royal

Joker hugs Sumire after the latter's gymnastics performance

All of the girls in Persona 5 and the Royal version are charming and unique in their own way that it makes it pretty tough choosing who Joker can romance. The decision is especially harder since Joker actually sees each one open up about their own personal issues, which makes the player empathize with them.

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Of course, each woman in the game can be romanced if the player so pleases but no one likes having their feelings played with. Expect a nasty surprise for Joker on February 15 should he engage in polyamory.

4 The Mass Effect Trilogy

Mass Effect 2 Screenshot Liara and Shepard Kiss

Though this entry encompasses three games, it follows the same old Commander Shepard as they and their beloved companions try to save the galaxy from the Reapers.

Developer Bioware made each companion in the series generally feel like real people which makes the decision on who to romance all the more difficult. Both the player and Shepard sees each character change in some way across all three games and go through so much with them. It really makes the decision all that more difficult.

3 Dragon Age: Inquisition

Josephine (right) sits lovingly with a male human Inquisitor

Mass Effect may arguably have the better characters, but it is Dragon Age: Inquisition that arguably does romance better than Mass Effect.

Characters inside and outside of the player's party of both sexes can be romanced. This makes Inquisition have the best cast of characters in the series so far. From the stoic Cassandra to the mysterious Solas, there is something for everyone, and it is handled so well.

2 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Yennefer (left) and Triss about to talk to Geralt (off-camera) in the Witcher 3

This game might have the least amount of characters on this list of who Geralt can end up with, but that decision may be the toughest to make in any game — that being the choice to romance Triss or Yennefer.

Both women have a complicated history at times with Geralt as well as strengths and flaws that will affect how the player views them. Both can be romanced at the same time, but they will both turn on Geralt if he does so, ensuring he ends up with nobody — so be sure to choose carefully.

1 Stardew Valley

A wedding takes place in Stardew Valley

An indie game that was made with inspiration from Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley has such a colorful cast of characters for the player to romance. Both sexes can be romanced regardless of the player's gender, meaning there is something for everyone to share a farming lifestyle with.

That makes the decision all the more agonizing on who to romance. Who has the best combination of both looks and personalities? That is up to the player to decide.

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