With games getting bigger and more complex with each passing day, it's no wonder it eats up more time than it ever used to. Juggling so many different mechanics and storylines take its toll on the clock. Some games should be expected, with most RPG's coming at top of the charts.

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It's the games that we expect a nice 24-hour story from that turnaround and take the player on a 90-hour run that catches the community off guard. No one's complaining about more content, but with the general population, a lot tends to be left behind. It's only the brave that put so much into a single title in the hopes that a few stragglers will strap in for the full ride.

10 Persona 5

For a good portion of people, living another year through high school is their idea of a nightmare. Luckily for them, Persona 5 has much more worrying foes than the school bully. You'll have to guide Joker through the human subconscious battling the many demons we all know too well.

While you fight your way through palaces and avoiding shadows, a real-life has to be lived with most of the side activities giving you advantages and buffs in battle. The main story will keep you engaged through its 96-hour process, with total completion taking players well into the 100's.


9 Dark Souls

Nowadays this is no shock to find out Dark Souls is a lengthy playthrough, but when the original game with over 60 hours of story to explore was released, it raised a few eyebrows. It's not overwhelming as a good amount is attributed to the notorious difficulty of the enemies.

If you want to explore every nook and cranny in Lordran and get that shiny 100%, it can push the average player past the 90-hour mark. Then again the gothic world does draw you in and will keep you there no matter how many death screens you get.

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8 Divinity: Original Sin

When you see the visuals of Original Sin, 60 hours of questing will seem a little dragged out. Luckily when you begin your adventures with the 2 source hunters it quickly becomes apparent the witty humor and challenging choices is more than enough for the stay.

Interaction with the world is a key component that gives players a sense of freedom. The huge array of spells you can use to hurt or help your surroundings leaves players a lot of freedom to roam with. Nothing forcing the story in one particular way or the other, just players and the road.

7 The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Veering off the well-established trail of the franchise, Breath Of The Wild takes the leash off and lets you explore what Hyrule has to offer. Even the players strict to the main story will get 50 hours of content out of it. With most loitering around Hyrule for a while, completing quests and seeing the sights.

If players want to do it all the buckle up, there's north of 150 hours of content to sift through. It's not hard to lose track of the clock when there's so much different terrain to explore and the puzzles really challenge the way you play.

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6 ARK: Survival Evolved

Becoming a community game that focuses on the online aspect doesn't take away from the fact that if you play single player it will take you over 70 hours to get through. From the moment you wash up on the island, players will have to start building and defending their homes.

With so many threats the player and their possessions, it's a mad dash to improve security and up your dino power. This only gets intensified if you venture into the online world. Time is the player's biggest and hardest to achieve asset, which is why so many players become locked into the game.

5 The Witcher 3

Open World games present a huge difference in playtime between some players. For some, it will be a 65 hour straight down the barrel playthrough but the creators have said there are 200 hours of content for those looking to find it.

Players may want to take some time with their decisions as you affect the way this story ends. Despite all the slashing through enemies and conjuring magic, its the choices you make that determine the outcomes, giving the player real control over the story.

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4 Darkest Dungeon

Dungeon crawler veteran? Or maybe the challenge seeking newcomer? Darkest Dungeon is sure to test the limits of mental fortitude. Most game's key factor is making it the most enjoyable to the general public, this game is less about fun and more a pressure test.

Your team will be placed in a 2-D line effecting who takes damage first and what characters attack. You can strategize the order but the enemies will have many tricks to trip you up along the way. The more stress your character feels, the less effective they become at combat. A frustrating line you have to walk while dealing with the constantly attacking enemy.

3 Stardew Valley

An extremely long game about farming? How could it possibly be entertaining? It's shocking how quickly you get sunk into growing crops and maintaining your farm. Over 50 hours of content in which the main event plays out in, the trick to Stardew Valley is that there isn't a definitive end.

As players expand into mining, the deeper you go it gives better rewards. From crafting materials for better equipment to mining gemstones, players get to rebuild the community and bring back the valley. Even choosing a partner to share in the success is exciting as you have 30 characters in the valley to explore.

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2 Forza Motorsport 5

It's rare that a racing game will compete for playtime. The main story has 50 hours of content, with most players in the driver's seat for over 70. The huge roster of over 200 cars might help you stick around with just about any car that you could possibly want to drive available.

While most people give up 3 full days to the game, there's near 200 hours of content to explore if you wanted. Before players start turning the car sideways, be wary of the kick that most cars will give when you turn into a corner, don't want to end up in a ditch!

1 Rainbow Moon

Rainbow Moon catches many off guard when it really starts to get into the storyline. With the introduction of the game starting at the very basics, as you move through the story the variety of finishes and strategy becomes very engaging.

Grid-based combat is a hit or miss but the constant variations in play style keep you heavily involved throughout the 80 hours of content available. Every item becoming useful as you break down the useless ones to strengthen your team. Giving players a lot of options that don't overwhelm the gameplay.

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