Since its surprise release, Garden Story has charmed the hearts of many gamers. Drawing comparisons to earlier iterations of the Legend of Zelda series, this relaxing Action-Adventure RPG offers all the wholesomeness of indie sensation Stardew Valley (the work of just one developer), but with a focus on combat and skill-leveling.

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Leading up to its launch, many gamers mistakenly thought that Garden Story would be another farming simulator. While planting seeds is one aspect of Concord's duties as Guardian of the Grove, an ever-looming threat manifesting as "the Rot" forces them into more intense action. If, like Concord, you also feel nervous about leaping in, here are some pointers to make combat in Garden Story a little easier. This article contains details about late-game weapons and abilities.

10 Use Your Shield Creatively

Garden Story Concord Uses Shield Against Snowy Rot Monster

You can use your shield for more than simply protecting yourself against projectiles. Your Hazel Shield is one of the first tools you will receive when you begin your adventure through the Grove. Although its main use might be to deflect orbs of poison projected from the Rot Roots (in the style of a great bullet hell title), you can use it to negate other sorts of damage as well.

Keep your shield equipped to block spiked attacks from Rot Oozes or poison vomit from Zombie Acorns. Getting full use out of your shield will help keep your precious health points intact while you traverse the Grove.


9 Equip Spring Winds For Long-Range Attacks

Garden Story Concord Uses Spring Winds Attack Against Red Ooze

Garden Story boasts one of the most innovative uses of a skill tree of any Action RPG. Throughout the game, as you progress and hit new milestones, new Memories will unlock. Each night before you rest, Concord can assign new Memories in their scrapbook, and each memory represents a different ability or stat upgrade. With a total of nine Memory Slots, players have a lot of options when it comes to customizing their playstyle.

For beginner players who feel they've been taking too many hits, try equipping the Spring Winds memory. Once fully charged, the Pick tool will create a wind slash towards a nearby enemy. Although Spring Winds only does one point of damage to enemies, it can be used at a longer range, making it useful for timid new players.

8 Practise Extensively Against The Rot

Garden Story Split Image Concord Fights A Blue And Red Ooze

Most of the enemies you will encounter in Garden Story will be variations of Rot Oozes. While they tend to cluster, the good news is that they are an easy foe to conquer once you get the hang of it. Firstly, don't give Oozes the chance to heal. Oozes have two abilities: a spiked attack and healing. The charge-up animations for these are virtually identical, so the key is to kill them quickly.

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Your Pick swipe stuns Oozes momentarily, so provided you have the stamina, the best strategy to slaying Oozes is to lay into them, then wait for your stamina to recharge before finishing off its remaining Droplet form. It is also worth noting that a normal Ooze will not attack unless it (or one of its own) is provoked. If you need to gather resources in an area, you can ignore normal Oozes and go about your day.

7 Max Out All Of Your Tools

Garden Story Concord Standing In Forge Beside Tool Upgrade

If you pay a visit to Granny Smith in Spring Hamlet, or any of the other Forge Smiths scattered around the Grove, you will find items available to upgrade your tools. These upgrades cost more than just Leaflets. You will have to search the Grove far and wide for many different types of resources to purchase better tool upgrades.

Some of these resources will require specific tools to harvest them, so if you are having trouble finding a particular one, you will probably have access to them later in the game. Investing in tool upgrades will pay dividends in terms of increasing your damage output, especially in the case of your Pick.

6 Use Memories To Boost Your Stamina

Garden Story Concord Sprints Across Rainy Area

Struggling to avoid damage being dealt in dungeons or by mobs? You might want to invest in your Stamina and Stamina Recharge stats. For many enemies, you will want to avoid button-mashing in favor of dashing and rolling. This is the key to combat in many such titles, and it holds true here too.

Memories like Journey's Start and Community Caretaker are good for boosting your Stamina stats so that you can run longer. Equipping Jogging Memory in your Scrapbook will also grant you a buff so that running costs 25% less stamina.

5 Resist Damage With The Shake It Off Buff

Garden Story Scrapbook Opened To Shake It Off Buff Memory

There is a great buff to add to your Scrapbook if you are having trouble with getting hit too often. With the Shake It Off memory, each "resist" gives Concord a 5% chance to reduce an attack's damage to one. Super useful, especially against bigger mobs like Glomps or Tentacles.

To really utilize this buff properly, though, you would need to invest more of your Memories into damage resist stats, rather than stamina or health. Otherwise, this buff is limited to the one point of damage resist which Concord naturally has.

4 Unlock Memories To Max Out Your Healing Potential

Garden Story Concord Using Tap Dew To Heal

At the start of the game, you might find yourself burning through Dew quickly as you take hit after hit. Remember that you can purchase varieties of Dew with different healing abilities and buffs at Taverns. Upgrading your Dew Jar at any of the Grove's Taverns will allow you to hold up to a maximum of 3 doses of Dew.

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For lovers of free Tap Dew, there is an unlockable memory called A Semi-Solid Staple which will allow Tap Dew to heal for a lot more. If you have gotten a little farther into the game and still feel like you are always out of Dew, equip Medical Melody to a Memory Slot. A quick little tune on your Pan Flute and your ailments will be healed.

3 Use Spelunker Before Any Dungeon Fight

Garden Story Scrapbook Opened To Spelunker Buff Memory

This might be your first foray into the world of Action-Adventure/RPGs. If a dungeon or the sight of a boss battle room gets your heart racing, there is help to be had in your fruit-filled adventure. Once unlocked, be sure to equip the Spelunker memory in your Scrapbook before entering any dungeon.

This buff will heal you a little as you move through dungeons. No Dew required. Having the Spelunker buff equipped is especially useful in Autumn Town, where many resources can only be found in the dungeon. It is even more crucial during the dungeon-crawl through late-game Garden Story.

2 Amp Up Your Pick With Quick Hand

Garden Story Concord Uses Quick Hand Attack On Two Purple Oozes

By far one of the most useful buffs you can equip in Garden Story is the Quick Hand memory. With it, your Pick swipes twice once it's fully charged. This means getting an extra hit on enemies. Once you begin to max your Pick tool out, the Quick Hand ability will have you slicing through Oozes with ease.

The Pick may be the very first tool you receive in Garden Story, but if you put some work into it, it will make your combat quicker and even more enjoyable.

1 Focus On Story Progression To Unlock The Best Weapon

Garden Story Concord Slashing Silversword At Blue Ooze In Snowy Area

At the end of the day, the unique story is the most important aspect of the adventure. Luckily, Garden Story rewards you for wanting to stick with Concord's main quests. By taking the more linear path, you will expedite obtaining the game's best weapon: the Silversword.

Without any upgrades, this weapon can do multiple points of damage to enemies in just one slash. Its power is only to be rivaled the maxed-out Hammer Tool. Finding the Silversword is absolutely crucial to improving your combat, especially towards the end of Garden Story. It's earned automatically, not too far before defeating the final boss.

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