Despite the recent surge in appreciation for it, Generation V has a history of being heavily-criticized by bitter fans who didn't like it when it was released. One of the biggest reasons for this criticism comes from the fact that many feel a lot of the Unova designs are ripoffs of earlier Pokémon, typically Kanto Pokémon, probably due to the developers looking to reset the series and fill many of the roles of older, existing designs.

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This is something that happens in every generation, of course, but Gen V is commonly considered the worst offender. Regardless of whether it's the worst or not, it definitely does have some designs that are clear copies. Here are some of the most egregious examples.

10 Gigalith

golem gigalith pokemon

A classic Generation I design is the Geodude family. They're sentient rocks with crushing strength and an angry demeanor. It stands to reason, then, that the Boldore family is a bit of a ripoff.

Both of these lines are three-stage Rock-types that begin with a small spherical Pokémon. They both require leveling to 25 to evolve for the first time, and then a trade to evolve into their final forms — Golem and Gigalith. They also have similar move learnsets.


9 Emolga

pikachu emolga pokemon

Every generation has what fans call a Pikachu clone — Electric-type rodents that seem to be that respective generation's copy of Pikachu. In Generation III it was Plusle and Minun, in Gen IV it was Pachirisu, and in Generation V it is Emolga.

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This Flying/Electric-type is a flying squirrel with a yellow, white, and black design. Unova doesn't deserve any more critique than the other generations, as they all introduced a Pikachu clone, but that doesn't absolve Emolga, either.

8 Seismitoad

poliwag poliwhirl poliwrath politoed seismitoad pokemon

A Water-type, three-stage line, based on toads or frogs, beginning with a limbless tadpole-like Pokémon, and featuring a design based on repeating circles — this could be describing the Poliwag family or the Tympole family.

These two lines are very similar, with only a few differences between them. Palpitoad's evolution cannot branch like Poliwhirl's, and Poliwrath is Fighting while Seismitoad is Ground, but otherwise, these families are very, very similar.

7 Audino

chansey audino pokemon

Chansey (and eventually its evolution, Blissey) played an important role in the anime as the healing helpers of Nurse Joy in the Pokémon Centers. Throughout the anime arcs of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, Chansey or Blissey were frequently seen in the Pokémon Center staff.

In Generation V, then, there needed to be a new Pokémon to play this role. Cue Audino, which looks similar to Chansey with its pink and white design and Normal-typing. Ken Sugimori, character designer for Pokémon, actually said in an interview that Audino was created for the purpose of replacing Chansey.

6 Garbodor

muk garbodor pokemon

Grimer and Muk and their Gen I counterparts, Koffing and Weezing, were always strange, yet interesting, design choices, meant to represent toxic waste and pollution in the Kanto region. The Grimer family resembles a poisonous goopy sludge, feasting off of uncleanliness, while Koffing and Weezing look like toxic gases being pumped into the atmosphere.

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In Generation V, these two lines were semi-replaced by new Poison-type filth-monsters. Trubbish and Garbodor are also a two-stage Poison-type line, but instead modeled off of garbage rather than sludge or toxic fumes. All three of these families have similar base stat totals and evolution levels, too.

5 Sawk and Throh

sawk throh hitmonchan hitmonlee pokemon

In Generation I, Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee were separate Pokémon not connected by evolution, despite their clear connection to one another and similar designs. In Generation II, they were conjoined (along with the new Hitmontop) by both evolving from the same Pokémon — Tyrogue. The members of this family were all pure Fighting-type Pokémon that could only be male, and each focusing on a different stat.

In Generation V, the two original members of this family were seemingly replaced by Sawk and Throh — two clearly related Pokémon that aren't technically connected, only male, and Fighting monotypes. Sawk and Throh also have differently-focused stats.

4 Bouffalant

tauros bouffalant pokemon

Two other Pokémon that are clearly connected somehow but aren't evolutionarily related are Tauros and Miltank, resembling a bull and a cow. The games even connecting them, with the Gen VII games placing them on a shared Pokédex page.

They don't, however, have a connection to Bouffalant, introduced in Generation V. Despite the fact that some believe it looks like an evolution for Tauros, it's based on a buffalo, not cattle.

3 Klinklang

magneton klinklang pokemon

Many people criticize Gen V for having Pokémon based on inanimate objects, like Chandelure and Vanilluxe. However, they forget that Gen I also had these types of object-based designs, one of which was Magnemite, which is just a magnet, and its evolution, Magneton, which is three of them stuck together, with the final form, Magnezone, being an upgrade of that.

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In fairness, though, Gen V copied this design as well. Klink, Klang, and Klinklang are clearly similar designs to the Magnemite family. they're both three-stage Steel-type lines based on an object, with the evolutions adding more of that respective object.

2 Munna and Musharna

drowzee musharna pokemon

Drowzee and Hypno were always creepy Pokémon, hypnotizing people into sleep and then eating their dreams. It would have been nice if these creeps were left in the past, but they received clear copies in Gen V.

Munna and Musharna are also a two-stage Psychic-type line that is designed around dreams and sleep. Both the Drowzee family and Munna family are even based on the same animal — tapirs, or even the Japanese baku.

1 Conkeldurr

machamp conkeldurr pokemon

Munna and Musharna are some of the most obvious copies of other Pokémon, but they aren't quite the worst. That title probably goes to the Timburr family, with Timburr, Gurdurr, and Conkeldurr being clear copies of the Machop line.

Both are a pure Fighting-type line with three stages. They both have attack as their highest stat, similar poor speed stats, the same overall base stat total, the same gender ratio of 75% males, and reach their final stage of evolution via trade.

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