Genesis is a new MOBA available exclusively on PlayStation 4. The game plays very similarly to League of Legends, to the point that its characters often feel like LoL rip-offs. The most apparent of these is Apollo the archer. He's the first hero you'll play as, thanks to a tutorial that feels very similar to the original LoL tutorial where you controlled Ashe.

Like Ashe, Apollo is a physical damage carry with an ultimate that shoots an giant arrow to snipe enemies from a distance. He's also extremely easy to pick up, as his kit mostly just involves pointing him at the enemy and shooting until they're dead. That makes him a great beginner hero, and an excellent choice if you want to carry your team to victory.

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Forget About The Arrow Rain

The first thing you'll want to do is go into options and turn off the auto ability leveling. It's a nice tool if you're still figuring things out, but it doesn't always upgrade your abilities in the most efficient fashion. In Apollo's case, it will prioritize the L2 ability where he shoots arrows into the sky and they rain down over a small area. That sounds cool, and you should take it at level one, but it's mostly just a creep farming tool.

Apollo's four abilities are: the arrow rain, a passive that gives basic attacks a chance to stun and do more damage, a passive that extends Apollo's attack range, and his ultimate attack that fires a giant arrow at a distant target. Of these four, the most useful over time will the the third ability– the range-extending passive.


The range-extending passive should be your level two ability. At level three, take the other passive, the stunning one. Get one more point in each for levels four and five, then grab the ultimate attack at level six. After that, you should focus on fully upgrading the range-extender with levels seven and eight. Then the stunning passive. Upgrade your ultimate when you can, of course, but save the arrow rain for last.

Apollo Item Build

As time goes on, Genesis will develop a meta. Assuming the game finds a community of active, dedicated players, people will do breakdowns of the best builds. For now, the recommended items can serve you well.

The first thing you want to take with Apollo is the Starhopper boots. Characters in this game are dreadfully slow, so there's no getting around the need for early game movement. After that, you should pre-order either the Eclipse or the Devil's Mutation. Personally, I prefer the Devil's Mutation first because its beginning components give you life steal. This is great for helping you stay in lane longer even if you want to be aggressive and poke opponents (and you want to be aggressive).

After building one of these big items, you might be tempted to build the second. Don't do that. The second item you want to work towards is Medusa's Shield. This grants you more damage, but also armor so you're not so squishy. More importantly, it has an active ability that makes you immune to energy damage. This is essential for late-game team fights because the enemy will be throwing energy at you. Sometime during the building of Medusa's shield, feel free to upgrade your boots. Once you have two big items and boots, you can either finish the game or build more as it demands.

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Be Aggressive

Based on the advice given above, I recommend a generally aggressive early game with Apollo. Take the bottom lane if you can, mid if you must. Partner with a support character, preferably one with heals. This will give you more confidence to poke opponents with arrow rain while simultaneously farming their creeps. If you level up your range-extending passive first, your ability to safely harass will only grow. Even better, it can help you get early game kills.

Devil's Mutation, with its life steal, will give you the freedom to stand your ground against opponents that seem intimidating. That fighter hero will trap you in her ring, only to realize she trapped herself as you rapidly shoot away her health and claim it as your own. If opponents manage to get away, just use your ultimate to land the finishing blow.

If aggression isn't your style, there are different ways to approach Apollo. Check out this video by EsperCarp for a guide that focuses more on arrow rain pokes and goes more for damage over life steal.

Whichever build you choose, just stay at a safe distance, build attack damage (and life steal!), and keep shooting. You should carry your team in fights. The rest is up to them.

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