Mihoyo is celebrating Genshin Impact's one-year anniversary, and it's giving away some in-game bonuses for the occasion. While it should be a more festive occasion, some players are voicing frustration over plans the developer has revealed so far, calling for Mihoyo to be a little more generous when it comes to ringing in Genshin Impact's birthday, especially since it's something they'll only celebrate once a year.

Ahead of Genshin Impact's anniversary, Mihoyo hosted its usual livestream to debut upcoming events, story beats, and characters in the next patch, version 2.1. As far as another content drop goes, this one looks to be on par with most of them. Version 2.1 will introduce new mechanics like fishing, and the Moonchase Festival is headed to Liyue. There's a lot to actually do in Genshin Impact's next update, but resources and rewards continue to be a bit of a sore spot, something not uncommon in gacha games. The community has long complained about a perceived stinginess from Mihoyo, and while plenty of fans do argue that's the nature of something free-to-play, the anniversary rewards seem to have increased those complaints.

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On Reddit, Genshin Impact's sub has seen quite a few more threads complaining about what Mihoyo has in store for its upcoming giveaway. Right now, we only have confirmation that Genshin Impact players will receive up to ten Intertwined Fates for logging in as something specifically anniversary-related. So, if you skip a day, you don't even get all of the anniversary rewards. Daily log-ins for rewards is another element that's not uncommon for gacha games, but for something as big as a first birthday, the community has taken it as a bit of a slight from the developer. In some Reddit threads, folks who play other games have been quick to highlight that Genshin Impact's yearly birthday celebration isn't even as generous as more common events in other titles.


In this thread from Redditor triplecheck3r, complaints piled up over a preview posted for the Chinese version of Genshin Impact's anniversary rewards. The image actually shows everything planned event-wise for September, which isn't necessarily all anniversary-related, and makes mention of those ten Intertwined Fates. For the unfamiliar, that's enough for a single ten-pull on a banner. Unless you're on a guaranteed pity pull, you may wind up with a bunch of nothing after using the reward. If you complete all of the events, you get 2,270 Primogems, but that involves a lot of extra work.

Outside of those Intertwined Fates, Mihoyo is resetting the Crystal top-up bonus - something it specifically called out in its note on anniversary plans over on the PlayStation Blog. That move in particular has fans heated. The bonus is something you get for spending real money on in-game currency, it's the bonus you get for adding Crystals to your account for the first time with each package. Now, you'll get those bonuses again, and while it's a nice gesture - in the context of something like an anniversary event, the sentiment hasn't been well received. Resetting that bonus is also something other mobile games do, and often as part of a normal update.

It's worth noting that Mihoyo just held its anniversary announcement yesterday, and the celebration for Genshin Impact's one-year bash hasn't begun yet. Mihoyo is also giving away its usual bit of resources through typical fanfare, but that seems to be a big source of the ire, as some Redditors noted they found Mihoyo to be quite stingy to begin with. While the community's Reddit threads were full of fans voicing a desire for things like guaranteed pulls on five-star characters and heftier Primogem sums directly to their in-game inbox, there still may be a little hope they'll have a few more presents waiting when things actually begin. There's also always version 2.2.

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