It is almost inevitable for some quests in an open-world game like Genshin Impact to be similar to others you come across, specifically when it comes to sidequests. However, even if the general structure or type of objective is the same, such as locating and activating statues as part of The Chi of Guyun quest, the solutions are always unique. This is one of the more lengthy Genshin Impact sidequests you can undertake, so make sure to bring our guide along to map out the solution to the ongoing Chi of Guyun quest bug.

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Updated on July 20th, by Kim Dailey: While there is still currently no fix in sight for The Chi of Guyun sidequest bug, we've aided matters by enhancing the guide's visuals to make the manual search for the quest's bugged puzzles all the easier.

Getting Started On The Chi Of Guyun Sidequest

Like the other sidequests in Genshin Impact, you will need to head to the right location to find The Chi of Guyun quest. You're looking for an NPC named Yan'er in the ruins of North Liyue. The fastest way there would be to teleport to the Bishui Plain Waypoint and then head toward the blue sidequest indicator placed over the ruins settled on the southern foothills of Wuwang Hill in the Western region of the map.

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Once you speak to Yan'er, the quest will start. The Chi of Guyun has three main objectives, each involving finding or solving puzzles related to statues.

Locate The Three Statues

The first step of the quest is to find three statues hidden around the ruins. They will always be near large clusters of amber crystals, so seek those out as waypoints. Simply approach each statue and activate them before moving on to the next.

  1. The first is near the center of the ruins, up on a slight hill near a rock pillar.
  2. The second is to the North of the first, up on a ridge.
  3. Your final statue is west of the second. The bright amber crystals should be visible from there, so just let those guide you.
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After all three statues are activated, hike over to Qingce Village and find Granny Ruoxin. Tell her you have the fragment, and she will give you two more objectives to complete.

Search For Fragments Near The Geo Statues

Walk or teleport to the northwest cliff outside of Qingce Village and interact with a pillar of light labeled Incomplete Writing. This will give you an order in which to interact with the statues in order to solve the puzzle. Putting it plainly, follow this order when facing North:

  1. The statue positioned straight ahead, on the ledge past the incomplete writing.
  2. Turning clockwise from the first, you'll skip over the statue pictured in the top right, and interact with the one positioned in front of you when facing Southeast.
  3. Continue clockwise, skipping the one to the Southwest, and hitting the one when facing Northwest from the pillar of Incomplete Writing.
  4. Continue circling, obviously skipping the top statue we started with, and interact with the one to the Northeast.
  5. Finally, interact with the statue remaining in the Southwest.
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If you activated them in the correct order, a chest will appear, giving you the second fragment for the quest.

The Highest Point In The Village

The third fragment is said to be at the highest point in Qingce Village, and they weren't kidding. This is a major climb, so be ready for a long excursion.

Once you manage to scale the mountain, there will be another bit of writing to read and some more statues. Unlike the last puzzle, this time, you only need to interact with four of the Statues that are looking in specific directions.

  1. The first one to hit is facing north of the cliff with a big pine tree growing almost in front of it.
  2. Again going clockwise, skip the next statue and interact with the second one, which is near a concentration of three amber clusters.
  3. Continuing around, skip the next two statues and select the third, near a single amber cluster.
  4. Now double back counterclockwise, skip one statue and interact with the one next to number two.
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Another chest will spawn with your final fragment. Now it's time to head back down to Granny Ruoxin for yet another objective.

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Find A Way Into The Vault

This final step is quite simple. Just follow your quest objective marker to the hidden area behind the waterfall to the northwest of Qingce Village. There is a path to the right of the waterfall slightly obscured by vines. While no puzzles are waiting for you down there, be ready for some tough fights against a bunch of Ruin Guards and a Ruin Hunter mini-boss.

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Once you make it through that combat gauntlet, you will enter a room full of chests with a ton of loot. Grab it all, report back to Granny Ruoxin one last time, and the quest will be complete.

Chi Of Guyun Bug

There is a way this quest can bug out for some players if you happen to do some of the puzzles before the quest asks you to. This can cause Granny Ruoxin not to recognize the first two fragments you've collected, thus not progressing the quest to the next section.

The only solution is to use a guide, such as this one, and manually track down the remaining puzzles still left to solve. Once you accomplish this and collect the final fragment, the quest should correct itself and point you toward the final objective.

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