Jueyun Chili is likely one of the first Liyue specialties you came across, especially if you did Xiangling's story quest. These spicy ingredients can be used both for ascending characters and for cooking dishes in Genshin Impact. They are used by Xiangling as an ascension material and are an essential ingredient in eleven dishes in the game.

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They grow in bunches of three and are one of the easiest items to farm, making them perfect for filling your battle pass requirements. Below is everything you need to know about farming the Jueyun Chili.

Where to Find Jueyun Chili

Jueyun Chili Plant

Jueyun Chili can be found growing in several areas around Liyue. Like other specialties, having Qiqi or Yanfei in your team can help you find Jueyun Chili bushes much more easily.

  • Keep in mind that Qiqi and Yanfei won't show you which resource is nearby, they will just give you markers on your map, and Jueyun Chili does grow near other specialties like Glaze Lilies.

Jueyun Chili can primarily be found near Qingce Village and near Mt. Aocang. When the chilies are fully grown, they are easy to identify as they are bright red and easy to notice from a distance.

The Best Jueyun Chilli Farming Route

Jueyun Chili Farming Route

The fastest way to farm Jueyun Chili is by teleporting to the top of Qingce Village and working your way down through the village. This route doesn't contain any enemies to fight and is a great way to get a supply of the chilies every couple of days.

If you're looking to get even more Jueyun Chilies, then you can explore the area around Mt. Aocang. There are several bushes located along the sides of the river below Mt. Aocang and around Huaguang Stone Forest. There is also a patch of Jueyun Chili growing on the cliff between Stone Gate and the Dawn Winery.


In addition, you can also pick up a supply of Jueyun Chili's from the Wanmin Restaurant.

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Where To Buy Jueyun Chilli And How Much It Costs

Wanmin Restraunt Menu

Wanmin Restaurant is the restaurant run by Xiangling's family and is located in Liyue Habor.

  • You can purchase Jueyun Chili for 1,000 Mora each or 5,000 Mora for the whole batch. If you have unlocked discounts in the Harbor, then the price will only be 900 Mora per Jueyun Chili.

The Wanmin Restaurant restocks every couple of days, making it pretty easy to stock up on Jueyun Chili several times a week. Be sure to pick up any recipes you are missing during your visits.

Where To Find Wanmin Restaurant In Liyue Harbor

Wanmin Restraunt

The Wanmin restaurant is located down from Second Life near the Liyue Adventurer's Guild. There is a small food cart beside it, and the NPC running it is named Chef Mao.

This will likely be familiar to players who have done Chongyun's Hang Out event or the food delivery event.

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