There have been a lot of events that have been launched since the release of Genshin Impact. These events allow you to get special items and free primogems to use for character pulls. As with any game, though, some events were much better received by the player base than others. Some were massive, while others were small and compact. Some are full-blown festivals, while others will wrap up within a week's time.

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With many more events planned in the future, we can't help but speculate what Mihoyo will try next. Below are all the in-game events that have occurred so far, ranked by how well the community received them.

14 While It's Warm

food on a table

While it's Warm was an event all about delivering food throughout Teyvat. You could deliver up to three meals a day, but they had time limits and special requirements attached to them. Some dishes banned the player from swimming, while others wouldn't let them sprint, making this event an annoying way to gain rewards.


13 Gliding Challenge

Mona Gliding in Genshin Impact

The gliding challenge was one of the first few events, and it heavily relied on the game's gliding controls. The event was a bit hard to get through, as you had to make it through rings that didn't always line up well.

12 Vishaps & Where To Find Them


This was an easy way to get primogems but mostly for those who already had a lot of adventurers. This is because to take full advantage of the mechanics you needed around a dozen characters or a few friends who could help out.

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Each day you could send three four-person teams on an expedition and even choose a friend's character to help the success percentage. This made the event quite difficult for free-to-play players or beginners.

11 Ley Line Overflow

Genshin Impact Leyline

Ley Line Overflow was a great event for players that needed to get leveling books. Blossoms of Wealth and Revelation gave out double the normal reward during the event time period. However, there were no other real benefits.

10 Marvelous Merchandise

libens daily requests april 19

Marvelous Merchandise is a commonly recurring event that lets players trade everyday foraged items like apples and carrots for a box of mystery containing things like primogems and experience books.

The merchant's location is marked on the map, and talking with him will reveal what items he's willing to trade for.

9 Elemental Crucible

Xiangling Crucible

The Elemental Crucible was the first multiplayer event and was a pretty great introduction to what future updates would have to offer. In the event, you collected elemental clots and then ran with them to the Crucible, putting them in until it was full.

You would receive the clots from battling monsters and causing massive amounts of damage.

8 Hypostatic Symphony

Anemo Hypostasis genshin impact

The Hypostatic Symphony was made up of challenges revolving around the elemental Hypostasis bosses found in the game. You could up the difficulty by enabling certain rules and would be rewarded more points in return. The final Symphony even pitted you against every Hypostasis in a single round.

7 Five Flushes of Fortune

five flushes of fortune event

Five Flushes of Fortune was an event where you were given a special Kamera and told to photograph certain items and enemies of a specific color. This would award you with color photos, and when you had one of each color, you could trade them in for rewards.

6 Lost Riches

Ganyu and the seelie pet

Lost Riches was a huge deal as it was the first time a pet was introduced into the game. The event gave you a Seelie that would blink when you got near treasure. By going to all the treasure locations and finding all the iron coins, you could pick out your very own Seelie pet.

5 Wishful Drops

Wishful Drops special event Genshin Impact

Wishful Drops was a two-part event; one part had you helping out a small Oceanid named Endora. The other had you fighting a special version of the hydro boss Rhodeia for level-up material.

The Endora parts had the player aiming bubbles to catch rogue hydro creatures around Liyue. If you helped Endora enough you could keep them as a pet.

4 Windblume Festival

Venti and KAeya in Windblume Story Quest

The Windblume Festival was a huge deal for Mondstadt and was made up of tons of mini-games and a special domain called Peculiar Wonderland. Players could earn tons of primogems from doing the main quest and taking on NPC quests throughout the festival.

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There was a falling mini-game, a balloon-pop mini-game, and even a rhythm game for players to try their hand at, as well as several more mini-games in the domain.

3 Unreconciled Stars


Unreconciled Stars had you hunting down star pieces, learning about the fake sky, and introduced Scaramouche. The event was divided into parts and had the citizens of Teyvat falling into a deep sleep after getting near pieces of fallen meteorites.

During the final event, a giant chunk fails to the ground, and you could team up to fight off a horde of monsters.

2 The Chalk Prince & The Dragon

albedo genshin impact screenshot

The Chalk Prince & The Dragon launched alongside Dragonspine in the 1.2 updates. The event focused on Albedo, who had found a cursed sword and wanted the Traveler to help him awaken its true power. This involved a lot of fighting and eventually a powerful Regisvine boss.

1 Lantern Rite Festival

Ganyu on First Map of Theater Mechanicus

The Lantern Rite was a huge Liyue festival that included a tower defense mini-game, tons of small quests for primo-gems, and put a spotlight on Xiao. Players have been asking for the tower defense game to be added into the game full-time since the event, and Liyue looked stunning covered in lanterns.

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