While the game has only been out for a short while, players are already reaching the end game content in Genshin Impact. After questing and grinding all the way up to Adventure Rank 20, the most challenging activities you can undertake opens up to you. The Spiral Abyss is a dungeon that will put you and your team to the test, especially if you aren't properly leveled up or have a strong party composition. While you aren't likely to reach the end, but you'll still get rewarded for the progress you make. Here's what awaits you in this ultimate challenge in Genshin Impact.

Spiral Abyss Guide

The Spiral Abyss is the longest dungeon in Genshin Impact to date. While it isn't technically endless, it can often feel that way so don't head into it thinking it will be a quick adventure. Once you enter the dungeon, you're locked out of your menu. That means no leveling up, eating, cooking, changing equipment, or anything of the sort. On a positive note, your progress in the Spiral Abyss is saved, allowing you to continue from the floor you made it to prior, or you could always redo cleared floors to try for different rewards.

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Spiral Abyss Location

Once you're at least Adventure Rank 20 and have gotten to the Cape Oath area on the Southeast corner of Mondstadt, you can find the portal to the Spiral Abyss. This portal will only appear at Cape Oath after you find and lead three Seelies to the respective altars in the area, which will create a wind current you can use to glide to the portal. You will end up in the Musk Reef area where you can begin your journey into the Spiral Abyss dungeon.

How The Spiral Abyss Works

The Spiral Abyss is broken down into floors, with each floor containing three different chambers that grant you a temporary blessing. These blessings can last for just that chamber, while some might last you for the entire floor. These blessings can be things like:

  • +20% elemental skill damage for the floor
  • +20% elemental burst damage for the floor
  • +40% defense while your health is above 50% for the chamber

You will have a choice between three blessings when you enter the chamber, so pick wisely. In addition to these buffs, there are also the Ley Line Disorders that are always active for the entire floor. Here are the buffs you can plan on for the first eight floors:

  1. Pyro DMG dealt by all party members increased by 75%, and overloaded DMG increased by 200%
  2. Cryo DMG dealt by all party members increased by 75%, and the duration of the Frozen status effect is greatly increased
  3. Anemo DMG dealt by all party members increased by 75%, and increases Swirl reaction DMG by 300%, and its AoE by 100%
  4. Electro DMG dealt by all party members increased by 75%, and Electro-Charged DMG increased by 150%, and its AoE increased by 100%
  5. When your character's HP is greater than 50%, ATK and DEF are increased by 25%, and when HP is greater than 80%, Normal Attack SPD is increased by 20%
  6. Using an Elemental Burst increases all party members' ATK and DEF by 6% up to a max of ten stacks. At five stacks and above, increases characters Normal Attack SPD and Movement SPD by an additional 30%.
  7. CRIT hits will generate Elemental Particles and Orbs. Can only occur once every 15s, and CRIT DMG dealt by all party members increased by 120%
  8. When HP is less than 60%, ATK is increased by 50% and DEF is increased by 50%. When HP is less than 45%, Normal Attack SPD is increased by 30%. When HP is less than 45%, Movement SPD is increased by 30%. When HP is less than 30%, CRIT Rate is increased by 20% and CRIT DMG is increased by 40%

Beating the eighth floor will unlock further floors that only increase in difficulty.

The challenges you will face aren't exactly unique to the Spiral Abyss, they're all mobs you've faced before, but just in much greater numbers. Be ready to enter chambers with over 20 enemies to take down at a time. Other chambers will also have objectives to worry about as well, like protecting a crystal from taking damage.

Once you reach the fifth floor, chambers will also start giving you multiple paths to take. You'll be forced to split your party into teams of two during these times, meaning your entire team needs to be able to hold their own and synergize with one another.

Spiral Abyss Rewards

Each floor and chamber has a selection of possible rewards you can earn. You can see what each chamber has to offer by selecting the "Reward Preview" button when looking at the list of floors.

One consistent reward is for clearing the third floor. If you can manage to reach this level, you will automatically unlock the character Xiangling, or a duplicate of her if you happen to have unlocked her already.

In addition to the normal rewards, you will also earn stars based on fast you clear encounters and whether or not you accomplish specific requirements, with three being the maximum per chamber. At the end of each floor, you will earn more rewards based on how many stars you earn. For example, clearing the first floor with a maximum of nine stars will grant you 300 Primogems and 60,000 Mora.

This end game dungeon is no joke, with enemies reaching above level 70 by the ninth floor. If you're itching for the toughest challenge in Genshin Impact, this is it.

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