When it comes to those of us playing Genshin Impact, there are two groups of players - those who pulled Venti and those who did not. One Redditor is showing off just how impressive a team with the childlike Anemo user can be by sharing their impressive Spiral Abyss clear that only took 33 seconds.

If you haven't take a stab at Spiral Abyss just yet, it should be the next thing on your radar. Clearing the daunting tower is considered Genshin Impact's primary endgame at the moment, and plenty of those floors are a pain to get through. There are timed challenges to clear mobs of enemies, with the fastest goal at 180 seconds. Hitting that benchmark on some of these floors is impressive enough, so 33 seconds just seems kind of unreal.

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Over on Reddit, user Lukechan posted their accomplishment and the rest of the community seemed pretty taken aback. In the video, you can see the first challenge disappear in just a few seconds as their Venti wipes the floor with monsters. Anemo swirl just seems busted, and as one user noted, some folks are playing Venti Impact while we're stuck back on Genshin Impact.

The higher you climb in the tower, the more impressive it is. The early floors are easy enough, but after a while, things get pretty rough and most folks can't even make it to 12, let alone clear it. If you do already have Venti, then you're already getting there. Paired with Venti, the Redditor is also using Sucrose, Xiangling, and Chongyun. Since he was the first five-star, a ton of players missed out on the character.


The second team in the video is nothing to sneeze at though, since it only has one four-star, Bennett. The rest of the party includes Childe, Mona, and Klee - so that's two characters from limited banners.

It's an incredible achievement, to say the least. Don't laugh, but I'm still stuck on nine, so you won't see any personal speedruns from me floating around on Reddit.

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