This week, the biggest news in Genshin Impact is the release of more information about Sangonomiya Kokomi, the next five-star character to come to Inazuma. We’ve also seen the game's first anniversary events be confirmed without the fanfare MiHuYo likely hoped for, a fishing event encouraging you to learn this new skill and earn some primogems, and the game’s most dedicated players beginning to hit Adventure Rank 60. Here’s everything that’s been happening this week in Genshin Impact.

Those who have been playing through the most recent Archon quests will have already met Sangonomiya Kokomi, who appears in this storyline. She also made an appearance in the live stream that heralded the release of version 2.1. Now we’ve found out even more about the Divine Priestess in her official trailer.

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Sangonomiya Kokomi looks set to be the next banner character, likely appearing on September 21, after the current Raiden Shogun banner expires. This means that those hoping to get their hands on the electro archon have only a few days to earn those primogems and get wishing.

Kokomi Genshin Impact

Speaking of limited-time events and primogems, the Lunar Realm fishing event is still running until the end of the weekend. It begins in Inazuma and sees you visit all three Fishing Association NPCs and catch some fish from specific areas across Teyvat.

The event is quick to complete and will reward you with Primogems, Hero’s Wit, and several other useful materials as well as some Mora. As long as you can access the fishing trainers, you’ll get some valuable fish, a little experience, and a nice new shiny fishing rod.


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Outside of the game, the Genshin Impact Anniversary concert has now been confirmed to take place on October 3, 2021. It’s called Melodies Of An Endless Journey and features live performances of music from and inspired by Genshin Impact by a South Korean pop music group. While the music is beautiful, many fans remain disappointed by the event, which is the showpiece of the game’s anniversary celebrations.

The reset of Genesis Crystal bonuses is also being celebrated by MiHuYo, but most people don’t see this as anything other than a boost that should be done more frequently. It has been teased that there will likely be a log-in-based event, but many fans of the game fear it will fall as flat as the efforts so far.

Genshin Impact Concert

In other news, players who have been in Teyvat since the game’s launch are also now starting to celebrate reaching level 60 Adventure Rank (AR), the game’s current maximum.

While many players are above AR 50, those hitting the late 50s are few and far between due to the huge amounts of experience needed to rank up past AR 55. The couple of players hitting this milestone will have needed to complete world quests, story quests, chest collecting, dailies, and many, many domains to gain the experience needed. However, MiHuYo was prepared for this and recently added the ability for those at AR 60 to earn Mora rather than experience.

Now the milestone has been hit, more people will start getting to this level over the next few weeks and months, although we currently have no idea if the Adventure Rank cap will be raised any time soon. For now, we’ve just enjoying the scenery while fishing and hoping that Raiden Shogun comes home before her banner expires.

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