Yanfei is a four-star pyro catalyst from Liyue in Genshin Impact. Yanfei is the most popular legal advisor in the region and horrifyingly good at her job. She can find loopholes in the law with ease and is known for pulling off win-win cases. Her rates do reflect how well she performs at her job, but the merchants love her.

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Yanfei is quite different from the other Liyue characters, though, as she isn't necessarily close to anyone and likes to do things her own way, even if it doesn't follow tradition. Yanfei loves studying and loves upholding the rules of Liyue. Here are some things you need to know about her.

10 She Is A Young Adeptus

Yanfei Genshin

Yanfei isn't a normal human; she is an Adeptus, just like Ganyu. She has a human mother and an illuminated beast father. She is a younger Adeptus who was born in modern times. Due to this, she has never really experienced war and doesn't suffer from the same lonely feelings as Ganyu.

Yanfei may just be the youngest Adeptus in all of Liyue, given the fact that her human mom is still alive.


9 She Never Signed a Contract With Zhongli

Zhongli Powering Up

Another major difference between Yanfei and the other Adepti is that she isn't being bound by a contract. Yanfei has no allegiance to Liyue, like Ganyu or Xiao, and can do as she pleases.

While she does still help the humans out, it's not for the same reasons as the other Adepti. She has no interest in going into a contract or being forced to live a life that isn't peaceful.

8 She Can Talk A Lot

Yanfei Elemental Burst

One thing that you may have noticed about Yanfei is that she can talk a lot. Yanfei tends to go on talking sprees, especially when you bring up the law. This isn't necessarily a bad thing and just shows how knowledgeable she actually is on subjects that involve the law.

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Talking is one of the ways she works through situations to ensure that she hasn't missed any important details.

7 She Helps Ningguang Make The Law

Ningguang geo

Yanfei may not have anything to do with Liyue politics, but she does have heavy influence over the law. Ningguang actually keeps a close eye on Yanfei and the loopholes that she finds in the law. This allows Ningguang to make tighter laws that can't be used negatively by merchants.

Yanfei sees Ningguang as a huge source of work as she constantly has to study her new rules.

6 She Hates Divorce

Yanfei in civil Dispute

Yanfei is pretty good with the law, but there are some cases she would just rather not take. Divorce is a sticky battleground that no one truly ever wins in. There is usually no solution that can make both parties happy, and things are even worse for Yanfei when custody comes into play.

She feels bad for kids who go through custody battles and wishes that everyone would just meet their soulmate from the beginning.

5 Xinyan Inspired Her

Genshin Impact Xinyan Burst Element

Yanfei isn't the type of girl to cling to Liyue tradition and loves to make her own way in the world. It's no surprise that when she got to see Xiyan playing a rock-n-roll concert that she was inspired. She even tried to learn an instrument but found the task a bit too difficult at the time.

She currently has a backup plan to start rapping when her job stops being profitable.

4 She Loves Tofu

Yanfei Reading

Tofu is Yanfei's favorite dish, and she isn't above gushing about how much she loves the food. To Yanfei, tofu is perfect for a wide range of dishes and has a pleasing texture. The only time she wouldn't enjoy a tofu dish is if it was served cold, as cold dishes are something she hates.

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She also claims that tofu is always available, making it an easy staple ingredient.

3 She is Lawful Good

Yanfei's Burst

Yanfei isn't just about trying to find ways to get around the law. She loves to help clients who find themselves in a bind but will never use a loophole to cause harm to others.

Yanfei dreams of a world where everyone can exist peacefully and has no intentions of misusing loopholes. Yanfei knows where her ideals are and won't compromise them to earn money.

2 She Loves to Debate

Yanfei Wink

One of Yanfei's favorite things to do is find others to debate with. She has no problem with bringing up tough topics to see how other people feel on the matter.

That being said, Yanfei is never mean-spirited in her debates and just generally enjoys the conversations with others. She is even up for debating with the Traveler if they would engage with her.

1 She is Good at Appraisal

Yanfei Promo Video

One of Yanfei's special talents outside of memorizing the law is being able to easily appraise items. By simply looking at an item, Yanfei can gauge its price, which is quite useful in Liyue.

This can be used as a tool when looking into lawsuits as she can correctly tell totals just from a glance. This also seems like a tool that can come in quite handy when Yanfei needs to go shopping for herself.

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