There are two Mythic Tales in the Iki Island expansion that came with Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut. Unlike the Mythic Tales in the main game, these do not unlock skills and techniques. Instead, they unlock armor.

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One of them unlocks the Saragumi Armor for Jin Sakai. The second gives you a special piece of armor for your horse. This Mythic Tale is not the easiest of them and involves several different steps, including stealth, climbing through a shipwreck, and combat while riding the horse. With this guide, you should have no problem getting through the quest in no time.

Where To Find The Mythic Tale


The quest to obtain the horse armor is called the Legacy of Kazumasa Sakai. Like most Mythic Tales, you find it from a storyteller. This one is at the Sheltered campsite on Zasho Bay.

When the man first starts telling the story, Jin Sakai ends up revealing his identity and he is kicked out of the camp. This prompts the stealth section where you have to sneak back into the village to hear the rest of the story.

Sneaking Into The Camp


There are several paths into the camp, but this one seems to have the least resistance. To the right of the entrance, there is a natural rock formation that creates a small tunnel.

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Climb the rocks to the right of this tunnel and then head left towards the village (you are now above it and should be able to look down on it). You will then take another left and climb a ladder down into the campsite. Take a right and walk across the wooden beam and tightrope walk onto the roof in front of you.

ghost of tsushima campsite how to enter house without being seen

Descend the roof from the side facing away from the campsite and crawl through the small opening (you will be prompted by the R2 button). Climb the ladder inside the house and on the first floor, you will see a marker for you to stand on. Go to it and press R2 to eavesdrop and hear the rest of the story.

ghost of tsushima eavesdropping in house

The storyteller talks about Jin's father and his horse's armor. After Kazumasa Sakai's death, various people wore the armor until one day it was lost at sea.

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After hearing about the armor, you can easily sneak out by jumping back on the roof you descended from and climbing onto a ledge on the backside of the roof. Then head to Zasho Bay close by - the area is marked on your map.

first way to start navigating shipwreck on shore

Successfully traversing this area is tricky. The best piece of advice we can give you is to not try any shortcuts. You cannot simply swim your way towards the merchant ship; you have to use the other ships to maneuver your way to the horse armor.


Start by climbing the same rock formation as before except this time taking a right instead of a left. Swing from the two masts and jump to the rope below. Continue forward, walking on the two wooden beams. After the second beam, take a left and jump down below to pull down the mast with the grappling hook. Use it to swing across the water.

mast that falls ghost of tsushima

On the other end of the rock formation, walk across the wooden beam and jump into the water below - the wooden beam should give way automatically and you will fall without having to jump.

ghost of tsushima swimming through water in wreck

Swim through the hole in front of you and continue swimming straight through the shipwreck. Once on the other side take a left and swim through the other hole. On the other end of the area here is a mast you can similarly pull down.

wooden plank supporting the ship

Once that is done, start swimming back. Once you swim out from under the shipwreck from where you came, head to the right - the opposite side from where you fell into the water. There is a wrecked boat being propped up by a piece of wood. Use the grappling hook to tear it down. You should then be able to climb the boat. Ahead there are three masts you can use to swing forward.

ghost of tsushima mast leaning

You are now on another wrecked boat. Pull down the mast in the middle and walk across it. Then, walk across the rope to your left and jump to the rock below. Remember this specific rock, because it is where you will swim back to if you fail the next part.

rocks ghost of tsushima platforming across shipwreck

Here is where things get a little trickier. Waves are smashing against the rocks in front of you. If you are on the rocks while a wave is hitting, you will be knocked into the water. If this happens, simply swim to the previously mentioned rock. To avoid the waves here, move only right after a wave crashes. If you are walking along the rope, you are safe from getting knocked down.

path to the boat ghost of Tsushima

The boat stuck on the rock in front of you is your objective. Jump into the water and swim forward to the rock on the other side. There is a mast in the middle you can climb on but it will fall once you jump on it, so ignore it. Walk across the rope and jump to the rock and you will see a white cloth that indicates you can grapple and climb the side of the boat. Inside the boat is the horse armor.

climbing boat ghost of tsushima

Defending The Campsite

campsite on beach ending mythic tale

Once you have the armor, you return to the campsite which coincidentally comes under attack from the Mongols. Defeat the enemies on the beach either through traditional means or by using your horse charge - it comes in handy here since many of the enemies are lined up. Speak to the survivors and the residents of the camp will see that you defended them, earning you their trust.

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