One of the defining game releases of last year, Ghost of Tsushima took players on a thrilling journey through ancient Japan. Aside from the incredibly gorgeous visuals, Sucker Punch's feudal epic features a surprisingly touching story about a lone samurai and his attempt to save the country he loves.

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Released to (almost) universal critical acclaim, it's no wonder Sony decided there wasn't any time to waste in adapting the game for the big screen. Though very little about the upcoming feature has been revealed, there are certain aspects of the game that absolutely need to be kept in.

10 Jin Sakai

Ghost of Tsushima Jin Sakai Cover Art

The undeniable heart of the narrative, Jin Sakai's story is perfect for a movie. Though the writing of the game wasn't as well-received as its other aspects, removing Jin from the story would be a huge mistake.

The larger historical context of the plot can easily become overwhelming in its scope, and there needs to be a grounded human character to lead the audience through it. Jin's tale isn't anything particularly new, but it is nonetheless exciting and very worth telling.


9 Jin's Horse

Ghost of tsushima jin with horse copy

Without getting into spoilers, Jin Sakai's horse was an unexpectedly touching part of the overall story in Ghost of Tsushima. Players get to choose a name for the horse from a variety of options, creating an added sense of personal connection.

Whether it's Nobu, Sora, or Kage (meaning Trust, Sky, and Shadow, respectively), each name is befitting of a reliable animal companion. The horse is used constantly to traverse Tsushima's many nooks and crannies. It's a great way to help the audience connect with a protagonist that can sometimes seem a little bland.

8 Lady Masako

Jin and Masako wearing their classic outfits

Arguably the breakout side character of Ghost of Tsushima, Lady Masako was clearly a fan favorite. A matriarch whose family was mercilessly slaughtered, during the events of the game she intersects with Jin multiple times on her quest for vengeance.

Her arc is heartbreaking, and it isn't often that audiences get to see older women do some intense action sequences. Though not an integral part of the main story, Masako is a character that would be completely missed if she wasn't included in the upcoming screen adaptation.

7 The Voice Cast

Khotun Khan shows Jin Taka's severed head

Across the board, the voice acting in Ghost of Tsushima is undeniably one of the highlights of the game. On top of that, many of the characters' faces were modeled on their voice actors. Their performances encapsulate all of the emotions of the characters, not just their spoken lines.

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Whatever team ends up creating the upcoming movie would be remiss to get rid of such a capable cast of actors. Additionally, keeping the cast on would earn the film a lot of goodwill from the fan community. It's a win-win situation!

6 The Bloody, Intense Action

One of the other major features of Ghost of Tsushima that was almost universally praised was the visceral combat. By allowing players to switch between different fighting stances (and an array of smaller weapons such as kunai throwing knives), players were able to feel like a truly powerful samurai.

Though action in movies can often be somewhat rote, audiences shouldn't have any fear. The Ghost of Tsushima film is being directed by Chad Stahelski, director of the John Wick franchise. If anyone can give filmed fight sequences some flair, it's him.

5 The Gorgeous Aesthetic

Perhaps the most defining feature of Ghost of Tsushima is its visual style. The striking colors, painterly landscapes, and visual flourishes all add up to create an aesthetic that is unlike any other in gaming.

The visual identity is such a huge part of what makes this experience special, and the film adaptation would be wise to incorporate it into its own cinematography. In a world of stereotypical action movies, this could be something to set the film apart from the crowd.

4 The Adorable Foxes

a fox in Ghost of Tsushima

Let's get this out of the way: Ghost of Tsushima's foxes are seriously adorable. And not only are they adorable, but they are actually quite helpful in the game. These furry buddies lead Jin to various shrines dotting the island of Tsushima, where players can unlock charms to aid in gameplay.

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While not a particularly consequential part of the narrative, including these critters in the movie would be a great nod to the game for fans. Plus, who doesn't want to see cute little animals get pet?

3 The Side Stories

Like most open-world games, Ghost of Tsushima includes a number of side quests for players to complete. While they vary wildly in length and excitement, they lent the structure of the game an episodic, almost television-like feeling of progression.

A two-hour movie obviously cannot include every single one of these stories, or even most of them, but they brought the world of Tsushima to life in big and small ways. Showing Jin helping people with smaller tasks while he undertakes his larger quest would do the same for the film.

2 The Incredible Score

Ghost of Tsushima Flute PS4
via Sony Interactive Entertainment

From lonely woodwinds to sweeping strings, the score in Ghost of Tsushima is simply beautiful. The main theme, especially, creates a solemn air that hangs delicately over the entire journey.

There's no reason the game's composers, Shigeru Umebayashi and Ilan Eshkeri, can't be brought on to score the film as well. However, if someone else ultimately winds up with the job, then that person should definitely consult with the previous composers. It simply wouldn't feel like the same story without that score.

1 The Gigantic Opening Battle

Opening cinematic in Ghost of Tsushima

At the very beginning of the game, players are thrust into a gigantic battle between the various samurai of Tsushima and the invading Mongols. A decidedly different feeling than the many one-on-one clashes Jin finds himself in as the story progresses, this huge battle is extremely cinematic and would really pop on the big screen.

Aside from featuring dozens of warriors fighting to the death, this sequence also serves to acquaint players with the gravity of the situation. The Mongols are a force to be reckoned with, and this exciting opening could be brought to the screen without needing to change much at all.

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