As is the case with many modern games, particularly those with higher budgets, the character models will be based on the actors who play them. In the case of Ghost of Tsushima, this is particularly noticeable, so long as players recognize the actor.

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Although many of the side characters players will talk with throughout his journey are simply generic character models, the main cast that Jin engages with frequently, and the ones whose faces are concentrated on the most, are modeled after their English voice actors.

10 Yuna: Sumalee Montano

The voice behind the cunning thief, Yuna, should be recognizable to many long time games, as her voice acting career in video games is extensive. Her most recent work has been in The Outer Worlds, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. Her work isn't limited to voice-over roles, as she has appeared in episodes of many long-running TV series such as NCIS, Star Trek: Picard, and Veep.


9 Sensei Ishikawa: François Chau

François Chau has one of those faces that you know you've seen before, but you just can't place where, even when he is dressed up to look very different. He has appeared in many TV shows throughout the mid-2000s, such as Alias, NUMB3RS, and NCIS, though his most recent credit, aside from Ghost of Tsushima, is playing Mr. Keo in Birds of Prey. His most recognizable role, however, is Pierre Chang in Lost, the man in front of the camera in most of the Dharma Initiative videos.

8 Kenji: James Hiroyuki Liao

The voice behind Kenji, the merchant with a good heart but a lust for money, isn't as instantly recognizable as the likes of Ishikawa and Yuna. This isn't helped by the fact that his face is almost always obscured by the straw hat he wears throughout the game, making it difficult to place where players have seen his face before.

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James Hiroyuki Liao isn't as prolific an actor as the rest of the cast, but he has made a few appearances in big-name TV shows, such as Law and OrderPrison Break, and NCIS, which seems to be a favorite show for whoever was responsible for hiring the voice cast of Ghost of Tsushima.

7 Masako Adachi: Lauren Tom

It's not unheard of for character designs to take some creative liberties when it comes to the actors who portray them, and this is the case with most of the main cast of Ghost of Tsushima. However, the liberties taken with Lauren Tom's character are a little different from the rest of the cast, as anyone who has seen her live-action work is able to pick up on. Lady Adachi was made to be much taller than the actor who plays her, as shown when playing Linda Tran beside the Winchesters in Supernatural. Lauren Tom's other notable work is the voice of Amy Wong in Futurama and Li Li Stormstout in World of Warcraft.

6 Norio: Earl Kim

Norio may have had one of the most heartbreaking side stories in the entire game, as his worldview is shattered with the loss of his brother and he feels compelled to follow the way of the Ghost alongside Jin. Although Earl hasn't been acting for very long, he has appeared in some big-name TV series in recent years, such as The OA and Shameless - he also appears as a train passenger in Age of Ultron. He also has a small YouTube channel called Punkulele, where he covers punk songs on his ukulele.

5 Ryuzo: Leonard Wu

The leader of the Straw Hat Ronin, once a good friend to Jin as a child, is no simple antagonist to the Ghost, as his only goal was to ensure his men were fed, even if that meant joining the Khan in his assault on Tsushima. Like many of the other English voice cast, he has appeared in a few well-known TV series such as Bones and NCIS, but his most notable and long-running role is playing Orus in Marco Polo. Unlike his death in Ghost of Tsushima, his demise in Marco Polo is far more gruesome and far less honorable.

4 Taka: Eddie Shin

Taka may not have survived to the end of Ghost of Tsushima, with his final act being a failed attempt to kill the Khan once and for all, but his impact on the characters lasted until the very end.

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Like many of the other English voice cast, Eddie Shin has been in numerous TV series over the years, such as Lucifer, The Big Bang Theory, and NCIS, but his most notable and long-running role was as Dave in Alexa and Katie, where he played Alexa's father.

3 Kohtun Khan: Patrick Gallagher

Any fans of the Night at the Museum films may instantly recognize Patrick Gallagher as the man behind Attila the Hun, though he also has a significantly different fanbase in his recurring role as a security guard in the soap opera General Hospital. For the most part, Gallagher tends to play the role of villainous or imposing characters, so it's fitting for the actor to play the leader of the Mongol invasion of Japan.

2 Lord Shimura: Eric Steinberg

Strangely, compared to the rest of the English voice cast, Eric Steinberg has had more television appearances in science fiction roles rather than crime or drama series, with his early credits being in Babylon 5Dark Skies, and the film Star Trek: First Contact. Like many of his fellow cast, he appeared in a one-off episode of NCIS, though he has also had longer running roles as Netan in Stargate: SG1 and as Wayne Fields, Emily's father, in Pretty Little Liars.

1 Jin Sakai: Daisuke Tsuji

He may be the man behind the main character of the game, but Daisuke Tsuji's past credits are far shorter than many of the other actors. His first role was as an unnamed Japanese soldier in Letters From Iwo Jima, though he went on to play recurring characters in The Man in The High Castle and Brockmire. In recent years he also lent his voice to other video games, playing multiple characters in Prey and its expansion, Mooncrash, as well as The Musician in Death Stranding.

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