Gamescom happened, and PAX West is soon, so most of us have probably already left our hot E3 takes behind. But that doesn't mean we should forget Ikumi Nakamura, the social media darling of E3. She made headlines and hashtags with a truly earnest E3 presentation of her game Ghostwire: Tokyo. The game itself looks really cool, but it was her pure and simple enthusiasm that captured viewers' hearts. Those who kept up with her post-E3 find that she's just as sincere, as she gifted a fan a $300 jacket.

Nakamura took the stage during Bethesda's E3 presentation. By the time she did, viewers were desperate for something to believe in. Bethesda had put a heavy emphasis on mobile games and Fallout 76, two things fans could care less about. So when Nakamura showed off a brand-new horror game,Ghostwire: Tokyo, she instantly had our attention. Following that, her cheerful disposition and earnest speech stole the show.

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In the following weeks, Twitter folk followed Nakamura and reached out to give their thanks and well-wishes. She responded in turn, going as far as to respond to different people in their native languages.

She also took fan art of herself and made it her profile picture when she felt she wasn't giving her new fans enough attention.

But the most heartfelt response of all was when she gave a fan the literal shirt off her back. Well, her jacket really. One person looked up the jacket Nakamura wore during her presentation. They wanted to get one of their own, but found that it was rather expensive.

When word of this reached Nakamura, she put out a search for this person. She actually tracked down their Twitter handle and replied, offering to send them the very jacket they were looking for.


And for those who are suspicious that it was some publicity stunt... well that could still be the case. But in the end, the person really did get the jacket along with a handwritten letter by Ikumi Nakamura herself.

Now that's how you handle public relations.

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