Despite its grand ambitions and ludicrously unrealistic story, the God of War series has always taken itself surprisingly seriously. And with serious fiction comes serious dialogue. At a time when video games are still trying to be taken seriously as an art form, and especially as a medium for dramatic storytelling, God of War offers some profound quotes that often get right to the heart.

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Whether they are philosophical, loving, inspirational, or haunting, the series has provided some of gaming's most iconic and oft-remembered lines. We've added a few more quotes to our existing list that deserve special mention, all of which serve as great examples of the franchise's excellent storytelling.

Updated on June 18th, 2020 by Derek Draven: As mentioned in our updated intro, we've added a few more quotes from the God of War games that deserve a place on the list. They add a significant touch of dramatic flair to an already intense action series that shows no signs of slowing down."

15 "To Catch A Fly From The Ass Of Zeus Is Not Worth My Time, Hermes!"

Leave it to Kratos to bring class and subtlety to an argument! When confronted by Hermes, the two engage in a tit-for-tat that has Kratos utter this surprisingly comedic quote before giving chase.

Kratos' words seem fitting when he finally catches up with Hermes and dispatches the snide God by cutting his legs off, thereby granting him the Boots of Hermes.


14 "Zeus! Your Son Has Returned! I Bring The Destruction Of Olympus!"

Kratos' unwavering quest for vengeance didn't stop at the God of War, especially following Zeus's betrayal. Recognizing that his true foe was the reigning God supreme of Olympus, Kratos pressed forward to his singular goal of killing his own father.

This quote sums up Kratos' focused rage and purposeful madness better than any other. In open defiance of powers theoretically far beyond his own, Kratos was ready to bet the entire farm on his own bloodthirst.

13 "From This Night Forward, The Mark Of Your Terrible Deed Will Be Visible To All. The Ashes Of Your Wife And Child Will Remain Fastened To Your Skin, Never To Be Removed."

This quote comes courtesy of the Village Oracle, a woman in service to the Goddess Athena, whom Ares despised. He sent his young protégé Kratos to the village to slaughter everyone in the Temple of Athena, which would have permanent consequences.

Not only did Ares trick Kratos into inadvertently murdering his own wife and child, but the ashes of the slain would permanently mark his body as a reminder of the incident, earning him the nickname "the Ghost of Sparta."

12 "If All On Olympus Would Deny Me My Vengeance, Then All On Olympus Will Die!"

Kratos cared not for the well-being of humanity or the world at large. He was willing to slaughter anyone or anything that got in the way of his quest for supreme vengeance against Zeus.

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This quote demonstrated that Kratos was willing to run the gauntlet, and face down every God of Olympus that dared to put an end to his campaign. In the end, Gods and Demigods alike fell to Kratos' unbridled rage, until only Zeus was left.

11 "I Am What The Gods Have Made Me!"

This particular quote is a reference to the timeless philosophical debate about the nature of free will, and whether we are truly in control of our own destinies. The concept would come up several times in subsequent God Of War games.

Kratos' thirst for vengeance is driven by madness and obsession, with no light at the end of the tunnel once his quest is complete. Though he would later pursue a new life in ancient Norway, Kratos' campaign of war against Olympus was, in many ways, a suicide run. It begs the question of who is truly responsible for his actions, even if the answer seems apparent.

10 "Boy!"


Okay, maybe it's not ALL serious in the God of War fandom. 2018's God of War is the most profound and emotionally impactful game of the series, but that didn't stop the fandom from turning one simple line into a meme.

Kratos often refers to his son Atreus as "boy" (father of the year right here), and he says it in an unemotional and threateningly deep voice. Fans found this absolutely hilarious for some reason, and a meme was created. Of all the God of War quotes throughout the years, "boy" is probably the most memorable, even if it isn't the most thoughtful or sincere. Such is what you get with the Internet.

9 "You Cannot Change. You Will Always Be A Monster."


Now for something a little more serious. God of War concerns itself with the past and whether or not it's possible to move on from past transgressions. Athena certainly doesn't think so. After returning home to get the Blades of Chaos, Athena's spirit haunts Kratos, and she goads him about pretending to be something he is not—a father, a lover, and a good person.

She proceeds to tell him that he will always be a monster, to which Kratos agrees. However, he also says that he will be Athena's monster no more. It's a wonderful thematic statement, and it perfectly showcases Kratos's progression and development as a character.

8 "Foul Beasts! I Will Send You Back To The Depths Of Hades!"


And here we see God of War embracing its inherent corniness. This is a far cry from the 2018 Kratos, and even the 2018 God of War, and this quote reeks of cheese. From the use of the clichéd "foul beasts" to the utter ridiculousness of "I will send you back to the depths of Hades!", this line is just pure, unadulterated nonsense, but that's why we love the early God of War games.

This is certainly not Shakespeare, but it leaves an impression all the same. At the very least, it shows you how far video game writing has come throughout the years!

7 "For What You Did That Night, This City Will Be Your Grave."


It's amazing that such a cool and haunting line like this could come from the same game as the previous entry. This line perfectly encapsulates Kratos' grief, frustration, and quest for vengeance, and it proves that old wounds never truly heal.

It also helps portray Kratos as an unthinking killing machine who will do anything to pursue his quest for vengeance, bloodshed, and further violence. With this line, we all fell in love with Kratos, and we knew that gaming had its new antihero. What an introduction it was!

6 "Tell Him He Is Not Safe While I Walk The Earth."


Dang, that gets us pumped up! As if we needed more assurance that Kratos was the baddest dude on the planet, he goes and says one of the most iconic lines of the series to the harpy: "Tell the God of War I am his no longer! Tell him he is not safe while I walk the Earth."

It really doesn't get any cooler or more threatening than that. Here is Kratos, threatening a LITERAL GOD and indirectly telling him that he will never be safe so long as he is alive. Of all the revenge stories and all the revenge-themed lines, this one is easily the most badass.

5 "You Challenge Me, Mortal? A God Of Olympus?"


God of War III is an undeniable masterpiece, and it has what is perhaps the greatest boss introduction in the entire series. We watch as the absolutely massive Poseidon slowly rises, and when he stands tall, he dwarfs Kratos with his sheer size and might. To make the situation even scarier, he growls this iconic line while rising, complete with some spectacular sound design that makes his voice sound unnatural and unworldly.

We've fought some creepy things in the past, but Poseidon takes the cake. He accurately conveys the epic, almost Lovecraftian scope of the Gods, and he is now fondly remembered as one of the greatest boss fights of the series. This is iconic stuff.

4 "In The Direction Of Deer."


What follows is one of the most deceptively funny exchanges from God of War:

Atreus: "What are we hunting?"

Kratos: "You are hunting deer."

Atreus: "What direction?"

Kratos: "In the direction of deer."

It sounds funny, and it is, but it's also a deft representation of the game's themes surrounding adulthood and maturation. It's time for Atreus to accomplish goals on his own without the help of Kratos, and Kratos pushes him in that direction. It speaks to the time in our lives when we must strike out on our own and start doing things for ourselves without the guidance of our guardians.

3 "Don't Be Sorry. Be Better."


This is such a direct and simple line, but it says so much. We're surprised that it's not a common adage! There's a lot of meaning packed behind these simple words. On the surface, Kratos speaks about Atreus' need to be better at what he attempts to do.

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But one could also interpret it as Kratos telling Atreus to be better than he was and avoid the pitfalls that he fell into. It speaks a lot to the pain of growing up and of failing at the things we try. But that's just a part of the learning process. Eventually, we will be better, and we will be better people because of it.

2 "Because You Are Afraid Of It."


When Atreus asks why they would fight something so threatening and imposing, Kratos simply answers, "Because you are afraid of it." It's another simple sentiment, but it also profoundly speaks to the process of getting better and overcoming obstacles.

Kratos knows that there is no better way to get over fear than to face it head-on, and he relays this information to a hesitant Atreus to make him a stronger person. Kratos may not say much, and he may be rather cold and distant, but no one can deny that he tries to be a good and influential father.

1 "Do Not Mistake My Silence For Lack Of Grief."


With this line, we sympathized and connected with Kratos more than we ever had before. Everyone grieves in different ways, and while Atreus is more open and confrontational in his grief, Kratos is reserved and reverts into himself. This doesn't sit well with Atreus, as he interprets it as a lack of care.

It's a beautiful sentiment that sincerely speaks to the complexities of the grieving process, and it shows that Kratos is more than a mere killing machine. He too has intense feelings just like the rest of us, even if he's a little more hesitant in his expressions. What this game did for the character of Kratos is simply unbelievable.

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