GOG’s Galaxy 2.0 launcher just got a new update that will let you hide games from your library, as well as other useful things.

GOG is on a quest to integrate everyone’s launcher into a single, cohesive whole. They call it GOG Galaxy 2.0, and it is the last launcher you ever need. Although you’ll still definitely get a bunch of other launchers because all the major publishers force you to.

Anyway, Galaxy 2.0 just got a recent patch that adds a bunch of features and squashes a bunch of bugs. Keep in mind that Galaxy 2.0 is still in its beta phase, so bug squashing is the main focus of the developers.

In keeping with that theme, the first thing you’ll see on the update page is a list of known issues that GOG is actively working to address.

For example, All Games View still has some kinks, such as some games may appear as "Unknown" or not show their respective DLCs. Some might even appear as duplicates, and scrolling through this view still has generally poor performance. Don't worry, GOG is working on it.

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Also, "Friends Playing" and "Friends Activity" info still won't display correctly on certain games, and they're still working to add a feature that lets you manually add games to the launcher by linking the .exe file.

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However, GOG has successfully added a bunch of features to Galaxy 2.0, starting with the ability to hide games from your library! This is a useful tool for certain games that you are certain you will never play again, such as multiplayer games where the servers have permanently shut down (Hawken, you were taken before your time), or just games that have been on your list since 2014 and you still haven't bothered to even install. And probably never will. Admit it.

GOG also added tutorials for their Bookmarks and Friends Recommendations features, added a Last Played to the Game Time Tracking feature in the library.

There are a whole bunch more bug fixes to almost every aspect of GOG Galaxy 2.0, so head on over to the update page to view the full list.

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