We're less than two weeks out from the DC Fandome, the annual event that showcases everything in the DC Comics universe. We already know that Gotham Knights, the upcoming action RPG, will be at the DC Fandome along with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, but to get us primed for whatever big reveals are in store, Warner Bros is teasing out some juicy intel about Gotham Knight's possible villains.

The news comes courtesy of a burned and blood-stained newspaper report that confirms Bruce Wayne is very dead thanks to a freak accident at Wayne Manor. That freak accident caused the whole mansion to collapse, killing Wayne inside. Such an inexplicable catastrophe seems like the MO of the Court of Owls, the shadowy cabal that controls Gotham, and is rumored to be the main antagonists of the game.

Besides the Court of Owls though, there's a classified section that teases possible sub-villains that the Gotham Knights will have to subdue in their quest to avenge Batman.

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An ad for "Private Security" from a "wealthy entrepreneur" seems very Penguin-ish, especially as that staff will need to like flightless birds and cold temperatures (not to mention the Iceberg Lounge, Penguin's personal hangout). The "SK Animal Shelter" seems to be Catwoman's haunt as the ad notes potential volunteers should definitely love cats.

Two more ads in the classified section might be teasing Anarky, a tech-based villain bent on tearing down all governments, and Carmine "The Roman" Falcone, a mafia boss ostensibly in charge of Gotham's criminal underworld. The paper itself is labeled as "An Elliot Company," which might refer to Dr. Thomas Elliot, better known by his villain name of Hush. And Pamela's Cafe might refer to Poison Ivy, although Pamela has never been a cafe owner in any of Batman's alternate universes.


If even half of these teasers turn out to be true, then Gotham Knights will have an all-star cast of villains in store. We’ll be sure to find out more at the DC Fandome, but maybe the Gotham Knights Twitter will treat us to a few more teasers before October 16.

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