Despite the years, GTA 5 continues to be a persistent staple in every true gamers library. This could be due to the large mod community or its multiplayer prevalence.

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GTA 5 also manages to keep players hooked based due to its massive immersive game world, and long list of interesting side characters. There are so many side characters in fact, that many of them in fact go missed by most casual players. One of those easily overlooked characters is Larry Tupper. Here are some fascinating tidbits about this intriguing character.

10 Easy To Miss

Location Of Larry Tupper

Larry Tupper can be really easy to miss by many players. He only appears to those doing the Bail Bond side missions. The main story of GTA 5 is extremely engrossing, and because of this, a large number of players do not bother with side content unless they are strapped for cash, or genuinely bored.

Just like in many other games, characters from side missions tend to get ignored. Nonetheless it goes without saying that the side content contained within GTA5 is certainly worth a players time, and is a positive trend in this open world series.


9 He Is a Wanted Meth Dealer

Meth lab in GTA 5 Online

Meth seems to be incredibly popular in Los Santos, with one of the games main protagonists even heavily partaking in the industry. Trevor Phillips has built a respectable medium sized drug empire based on his meth sales.

Larry Tupper, much like Trevor, is also heavily involved. Players are informed that Larry is a meth dealer operating outside of a barn in Great Chaparral.

8 Has A Small Gang Of Goons

Trevor waiting to take out Larry Tupper Gang

It would appear that Larry Tupper's meth business is actually moderately successful. With the aspiring king-pin being able to afford himself a small gang of 3 goons to protect and assist in his drug dealing operation.

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These goons can present a problem for players trying to take Larry in for his bail bond.

7 Has A History Of Violence

Trevor attacking a clown in GTA 5

Rockstar games titles are no stranger to extreme violence. Being an integral part of the games and their stories, most of the characters in Grand Theft Auto have extremely violent histories.

Larry Tupper is no different, with players being warned by Maude the bounty hunter of Larry's past, and to tread carefully.

6 Is 28 Years Old

Trevor walking towards Larry Tupper in GTA 5

Larry Tupper's occupation as a meth dealer, history of violence, and criminally wanted status becomes extremally tragic when considering his age.

Larry is only 28 years old, making him far too young for such a long and heinous rap-sheet.

5 Used To Have Business With Trevor

Trevor Filips with car wires gta 5

In the past, before deciding to branch out and start his own illegal venture, Larry Tupper had business with Trevor Phillips. Ironic considering that Trevor is the man that ends up hunting Larry down and (optionally) bringing him to justice.

Trevor being an unstable drug dealer and meth addict himself is extremely angered by Larry's perceived betrayal.

4 Associated With The Lost MC

Symbol Of The Lost MC

Larry Tupper has associations within the Lost MC gang. While not a full member, it is presumed he had business dealings with the illicit organization, as he mentions knowing their former leader, Johnny Klebitz, expressing shock at Trevor's murder of his former associate.

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In addition to this Larry mentions having associates in many other criminal organizations and gangs in the Los Santos area. Showing a surprisingly high number of criminal connections for a mid level meth dealer.

3 Reason For Arrest Warrant

A Trailer Park in GTA 5

If the player chooses, they have the option to hunt down Larry Tupper for bailing on a court bond resulting in an arrest warrant. The reason Larry was arrested in the first place was he was caught cooking meth in a trailer that accidentally caught on fire, this fire would catch the attention of the police, and this attention would eventually lead to Larry's arrest.

While awaiting trial Larry engaged Maude to post his bond, being the criminal that he is, he decided to ditch his court date and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Now the even more dangerous criminal, Trevor Phillips is tasked to track down this bail ditcher.

2 Player Has The Option To Kill Tupper

GTA 5 Trevor taking Larry Tupper for A drive

After hunting down Larry, the player has to option to kill him. They can either do this, or turn the criminal over to Maude, who will likewise turn him into the police.

Whether Trevor takes the crime and justice route, or a more direct approach is up to the player. If players care about following the game cannon, and consider Trevor's unpredictably violent personality, murder would seem to be more up Trevor's alley.

1 Is A Breaking Bad Easter Egg

Breaking Bad cover poster

Many aspects of Larry Tupper's character are references to the legendary AMC series, Breaking Bad. Such as Larry's trailer catching on fire while cooking meth, or his operations being headquartered in an old barn.

Larry Tupper embodies many of the grimier aspects of this AMC classic, by expressing the truly sinister and criminal nature of those working in the meth business.

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