Those wishing to purchase and experience Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV on PC are going to be met with disappointing news, as the company has removed the game from Steam. Although the game's page is still on the website, the ability to actually buy it has been removed, and Rockstar has explained why it has suddenly decided to do that.

According to a statement issued by the company (via Polygon), the reason for removing Grand Theft Auto IV has to do with Microsoft's Games For Windows Live (GFWL) service. Particularly, since GFWL was last updated and officially shut down in 2014, the service as a whole was discontinued, thus forcing developers whose games were tied to the service to update them. Now, it seems that Rockstar has finally decided to do something about that as well.

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As explained by Rockstar, since Microsoft no longer supports GFWL, it's no longer possible to generate additional product keys that are required to continue selling the current version of Grand Theft Auto IV. Additionally, when GFWL was still active, it was tied to Grand Theft Auto IV, meaning that players needed to sign up for the service in order to play the game. With the service ending in 2014, many questioned the need for GFWL, thus prompting some to find workarounds and other techniques to successfully play Grand Theft Auto IV.


Although all of this may seem like bad news for Grand Theft Auto IV fans, it seems that the situation is for the best. Rockstar has stated that it is looking at other options and alternatives for distributing Grand Theft Auto IV for PC, and will share any news or updates when more information is received.

Since GFWL is a dead service and completely unneeded for Grand Theft Auto IV at this point, the decision to find other ways of distributing the game is a breath of fresh air. Whether Rockstar will find another service or platform for the game, or do something similar to Grand Theft Auto V or Red Dead Redemption 2 still remains to be the seen. Ultimately, the company will find a solution to the situation.

Source: Polygon

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