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Greedfall is full of quests to complete, characters to meet, and items to collect. Some of these items are found throughout the world by defeating enemies, bartering with merchants, and mining ore deposits. The ore that you can obtain in Greedfall has many uses, from upgrading your equipment to crafting powerful new items.

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Regardless of your play style and preferences, learning about each ore as a beginner and where to find them is important, especially at later points in the game. Here's how to farm amber, ruby, and obsidian, and all of the different uses for them.

How To Get Amber


Amber is an item that you'll probably need at least a few times throughout Greedfall, and even if you aren't initially searching for it, it's worth knowing where to find it so you can collect amber while adventuring.


Purchase Amber From Merchants

Merchants often sell Amber for 16 Gold each, which is a lot to pay when there are other ways to collect it for free, but it may be worth it if you're short a single piece while crafting. It's worth using this method if you have a lot of extra Gold, but otherwise, there are easier ways to obtain amber.

Found Inside Chests And On Defeated Enemies

Monsters throughout Greedfall drop amber regularly, so defeating them is one of the best ways to obtain lots of amber. Another method for finding amber is through random chests; however, these are much harder to farm than defeating swarms of enemies.

Found In Ore Deposits

Ore deposits are found all over the Island, so there's no shortage of opportunities for you to collect amber. However, you'll need to keep a lookout for ore deposits while completing quests, which is are usually found on the side of rocky terrain.

How To Get Ruby


Rubies are a crafting component that is important for upgrading your equipment, which is why you may need a lot of this ingredient if you prefer to upgrade your armor as opposed to buying a new piece of equipment. Here are the best methods for farming ruby in Greedfall.

Found Inside Chests

Although chests are one of the best ways to find rubies and items in general, they're random and you can't farm them in the same way as enemies or ore deposits. If you see a chest throughout your journey on Teer Fradee, then make sure to open it since it may have rubies inside; however, this method isn't worthwhile if you need to farm rubies immediately.

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Defeat And Loot Andrig Enemies

Andrigs are monsters that you'll encounter commonly while playing Greedfall, which is great because they're the easiest source of rubies in the game. After defeating an Andrig, you can search their body for a chance to find rubies. Defeating large groups of this enemy type is the best way to obtain large amounts of rubies quickly.

Found In Ore Deposits

Similar to amber, you can find rubies in ore deposits when you collect them. Ore Deposits are found all over the Island, often on the side of rocks, so there's no shortage of these ore deposits in Greedfall.

How To Get Obsidian


Obsidian is another important crafting material that you may need during your adventure. Obsidian isn't too hard to obtain, especially because there are multiple methods for acquiring it. Here are the easiest ways to obtain large amounts of obsidian.

Purchased From Merchants

Although this is the most expensive way to obtain obsidian, buying this ingredient from a merchant is technically also the fastest way to collect it. Each piece of obsidian is worth 40 Gold, so buying a lot of this item will put a dent in your money very quickly. Even so, merchants are the easiest method to acquire a few pieces of obsidian.

Defeat And Loot Dantrigs

Dantrigs are one of the main monster types in Greedfall and you'll encounter them all over Teer Fradee. Once you defeat a Dantrig or a group of them, you can search them and potentially find obsidian. Since large groups of Dantrigs are relatively common, this method is the best for farming obsidian.

Found In Ore Deposits

Although defeating and looting Dandrig enemies is the best way to obtain large amounts of obsidian, it's not the best passive way of collecting this ingredient. The easiest way to build up a supply of obsidian is by mining ore deposits, which are located in every corner of Teer Fradee. Most ore deposits are located near rocks, so look for them while you're walking past mountainous areas.

What Is Amber Used For?


Amber's primary use in Greedfall is that it's one of the two ingredients needed to craft Alchemical Stasis Mix. This item is used as a weapon that can be thrown at the ground to stun all enemies within the vicinity.

To craft Alchemical Stasis Mix, you need two amber, three pine resin, and a level two Science level. You can also sell Amber to merchants, although it isn't valuable.

What Is Ruby Used For?


You can use rubies to upgrade your armor, which is one of the most important uses for an item since your armor determines how quickly you are defeated during combat.

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However, ruby specifically focuses on upgrading torso armor pieces, which grants you bonuses to your Science and Vigor stats. Even if you don't need to upgrade your armor, rubies are still useful because you can sell them to merchant NPCs.

What Is Obsidian Used For?


Obsidian is similar to rubies because it's also used to upgrade your armor. You can use obsidian to add talents to your armor which makes it a more powerful piece of equipment. Obsidian is worth a lot of Gold, so it's worth selling this item if you don't need it.

However, if you don't need the Gold, then you should keep a supply of this ingredient since you could potentially need it in the future.

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