A GTA Online bug keeps teleporting every player in a lobby to the same spot which, as you might imagine, quickly descends into chaos.

If you are one of the many people impatiently waiting for news on GTA 6, then you should probably have a word with the millions of people still playing GTA Online. It might take place within the confines of the eight-year-old GTA 5 but GTA Online remains incredibly popular. That's despite the odd bug, probably because most of the time they're more amusing than annoying.

That definitely describes the game's latest bug, providing you're not doing anything important when it takes hold. GTA Online players on PS4 and Xbox One have been getting randomly teleported away from wherever they are and whatever it is they're doing and reappearing outside a random house or garage.

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That strange situation is made even more complicated when every other player in your lobby starts to appear alongside you. As up to 30 confused GTA Online players start to appear out of thin air outside of someone's house, chaos ensues as can be seen in the clip below. It begins with GeriatricGTA minding ther own business, walking round in circles for seemingly no reason. Perhaps they have misunderstood the exploit players were taking advantage of to grind RP a few months ago.


The screen's color changes and the noise that signifies you're about to be teleported elsewhere on the map, or booted from the looby, happens for no reason. Moments later, the YouTuber is joined by a number of other players outside a house in a completely different part of Los Santos. GeriatricGTA is quickly wasted as the first person to realize what's going on opens fire and, as mentioned above, chaos ensues.

The bug appears to have been caused by a minor update applied to GTA Online earlier this week. It is triggered by something a player does which then leads to that player being teleported to a property they own along with the rest of the lobby. It's unclear at this moment what exactly it is that triggers the teleportation. Definitely a blessing and hopefully Rockstar finds and fixes it before players figure it out and use it to mess with others.

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