Guild Wars 2 is giving players a chance to face off against the Twisted Marionette world boss for the first time since its introduction in 2014. The game's July 13 update will include the menacing puppet, along with the Legendary Armory that lets you catalog and store all your high-end gear.

To go along with the news, ArenaNet released a brief trailer that shows off the Twisted Marionette in action. If you've never gone up against the terrifying foe, it looks like you'll have your hands full later this month. Here's what ArenaNet had to say about the world boss:

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"Shortly before she launched her war on Lion’s Arch, Scarlet used Lornar’s Pass as a testing ground for her colossal watchwork superweapon, the Twisted Marionette. An army of heroes organized a multi-pronged assault strategy, destroying Scarlet’s forces, surviving the Marionette’s attacks, and severing the chains tethering it to The Breachmaker."

Come July 13, the Twisted Marionette will return with a few tweaks to get them up to modern standards. Alongside the boss, you'll also find the Legendary Armory – a new feature that helps keep track of your Legendary gear.

"With this major quality of life update, players will now have access to their Legendary equipment across all characters on their account, meaning they will no longer need to use valuable shared inventory slots in order to transfer them between characters," ArenaNet said. "It will also provide a tighter integration for Legendary gear in the Equipment Templates interface as well as remove their transmutation cost."

Best of all, the update will be free to all players.

Despite its age, Guild Wars 2 has stayed busy over the past few years, with constant updates and in-game events to keep its community busy. The return of the Twisted Marionette, however, is bound to be a treat for veteran Guild Wars players.


To learn more about the upcoming content, check out the official Guild Wars 2 website.

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