Watsky just set a world record for the longest freestyle rap and he raised over $140,000 for COVID relief while doing it.

Singer, songwriter, William Shakespear in Epic Rap Battles of History, and now Guinness World Record holder for the longest freestyle rap.

Last week, Watsky set out on a musical journey that would take over 33.5 hours to complete. On Wednesday, May 6, Watsky began rapping and he didn’t stop until Thursday evening. After 33 hours, 33 minutes, and 33 seconds, Watsky successfully completed his grueling quest to achieve the world record for freestyle rapping.

But this wasn’t just some publicity stunt. Watsky was also raising money for his musicians and tour crew who had all been struck hard by the coronavirus pandemic. A portion of the funds raised also went to Sweet Relief’s musicians’ fund in order to support other artists in need. In total, Watsky raised $142,674.

As for the rap itself, you can definitely tell after 12 hours that Watsky wasn’t exactly spitting rhymes like Flava Flav, but he came back strong for the finale at the 33-hour mark, which you can witness in the clip below.

Source: Twitch

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