As probably the last game that one might expect to have a fishing mechanic, Hades surprisingly does, and even more humorously, it functions almost identically to Animal Crossing's fishing system. After obtaining the Rod of Fishing, the Prince of the Underworld can cast it into the depths of the lava and rivers of souls. If that isn't a hilarious addition to the game, what is?

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After catching a fish, Zagreus can cash it in for some rewards with the head chef in the House of Hades' lounge. Each region of the Underworld has different fish that are worth different rewards, as well as rarity tiers. Here's how to begin fishing, and how to catch each fish for a nice reward.

Updated on March 31, 2021 by Michael Christopher: Hades remains an extremely popular game, especially following many awards and Game of the Year titles from various organizations and publications. It's a wise idea for us to make sure our Hades content is in tip-top shape for any future Underworld escapees, and so we've updated this one to make sure it's crystal-clear. 

9 How to Obtain the Rod of Fishing

rod of fishing house contractor hades

The Rod of Fishing is an item that allows you to, as expected, fish. However, you'll need to purchase it, and it won't be for sale until you meet certain conditions.

In order to unlock the ability to purchase the Rod of Fishing, Zagreus will need to have done three things: purchased the Fountain Chambers in Tartarus, purchased the Fated List of Minor Prophecies, and reached the Temple of Styx at least once.

After these conditions are met, the Rod of Fishing will be available for purchase at the House Contractor for one Diamond. Diamonds can be earned through a few methods, but mainly by defeating the Bone Hydra at the end of Asphodel.


8 How to Fish

fishing point hades

After purchasing the Rod of Fishing, small lights that designate fishing spots will begin to appear throughout the Underworld. Sometimes Zagreus will comment on their presence, which is good, as they're sometimes easy to miss. A "ding" also sounds at certain points to denote the chamber has a fishing spot.

Simply approach the spot and press the interact button and the line will be cast. Zagreus must press the button again to reel in the line when it sinks below the surface with a flash, meaning he has a bite.

Those who are familiar with Animal Crossing will also be familiar with this fishing mechanic, as it's very similar.

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The speed at which the player reacts will determine the rarity of the fish they catch. If they press the button in less than 0.34 seconds, the fish is guaranteed to be rare or better, with a 1/21 chance of being legendary. From 0.34 seconds to 0.68 seconds, the fish will be common — or in a 1/21 chance, rare. After 0.68 seconds, the catch will be missed. The bobber can "bob" up to three times max before the fish bites, but it could bite at any point before the third bob.

If caught in the fast tier, the text will display "Perfect Catch!" If caught in the regular window, it will just say "Catch!" If Zagreus is too slow, it will say "Too Late..."

7 Other Tips

poseidon offering huge catch boon hades

Aside from the fishing basics, there are a few helpful things to know. First, there are ways to increase the chance of finding a fishing spot. The Well of Charon offers a Skeletal Lure, which ensures a fishing spot will appear in the next eligible chamber. It costs 60 Obols.

A second option is a boon from Poseidon, called "Huge Catch." This Legendary boon is rather rare, but it will increase the chance of a fishing point spawning in each chamber by 20 percent. It also removes the requirement that a fishing spot hasn't appeared in a certain number of chambers.

It requires having the Ocean's Bounty and Sunken Treasure boons, or Ocean's Bounty and the Conch Shell keepsake. The first time you encounter this boon, though, it will be offered in the first room and there will be no prerequisites — plus, it will be the only choice offered.

6 Tartarus

knucklehead tartarus fishing hades

Each region of the game has three potential fish: a common fish, a rare one, and a legendary one. In Tartarus, the rewards are all varying numbers of Gemstones.

The common fish of Tartarus is the Hellfish, which can be exchanged for five Gemstones. The rare fish is the Knucklehead, which is worth 20 Gemstones, and the legendary fish is the Scyllascion, worth 30 Gemstones.

Tartarus chambers have a 25 percent chance of spawning a fishing spot, if the chamber is eligible (that is, if it has water or magma to fish in), and only if it has been 10 or more chambers since the last fishing spot appeared.

5 Asphodel

fishing spot asphodel hades

Asphodel's fish all have lava-like appearances, much like Asphodel itself. The common fish is the Slavug, which can be exchanged for a single Chthonic Key. The rare fish of Asphodel is the Chrustacean, which is cashed in for three Chthonic Keys, and the legendary fish, worth five Keys, is the Flameater.

Fishing spots have a 10 percent chance of appearing in Asphodel, as long as it has been 10 chambers since the last one.

4 Elysium

fishing spot elysium hades

Like Asphodel, Elysium chambers that are eligible for a fishing spot will have a 10 percent chance of spawning one if there hasn't been one in at least 10 chambers. The fish here are all exchanged for Nectar.

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The common fish is the Chlam, which is worth one Nectar; the rare fish is the Charp, exchanged for two Nectar; and the legendary fish is the Seamare, which is worth three Nectar.

3 Styx

scuffer catch hades fishing spot styx

In the Temple of Styx, fishing spots will only appear in a couple of spots around the main hub (where Cerberus and Charon are) if there hasn't been a fishing spot in 10 chambers, and not in the Satyr Tunnels. They have a 10 percent chance to appear.

Like Tartarus, the fish here reward Zagreus with Gemstones when exchanged, albeit quite a few more. The Gupp is the common fish, worth 20 Gemstones; the Scuffer is the rare fish, exchanged for 40 Gemstones, and the Stonewhal is the legendary fish, worth a whopping 150 Gemstones.

2 Chaos

projelly fishing spot chaos hades

It may come as a surprise to some, but, yes, fishing points can spawn in Chaos, the realm accessed through the Chaos Gates and the home of Primordial Chaos, the being that created everything and everyone at the beginning of time. There is only a seven percent chance of a fishing point appearing here, and it must be at least 10 chambers since the last one appeared.

The fish here are worth varying levels of Darkness, the currency of the Mirror of Night. The common Chaos fish is the Mati, exchanged for 100 Darkness. The rare fish is the Projelly, worth 250 Darkness. Finally, the Legendary fish, the Voidskate, is valued at 500 Darkness.

1 Greece

fishing greece persephone's cottage bass hades

Lastly, fishing points can spawn in Greece. They'll either spawn in the rivers around Persephone's cottage, in the small ponds leading up to the cottage, or in the pools of water in the area with the final boss battle after Persephone's cottage is no longer accessible with the true ending.

The fish here are extremely valuable. The common fish is a Trout, worth a Diamond. The rare fish is the Bass, worth one bottle of Ambrosia. Lastly, if you're super lucky, you can catch a Sturgeon, the legendary fish, worth a batch of Titan Blood.

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