Hades has won Game of the Year at the Game Developer's Choice awards, alongside two other awards for Best Audio and Best Design.

This year's awards show was the 21st iteration and was done completely virtually. The Game Developer's Choice awards is one of the bigger parts of GDC and has a body of game creators and editors of Gamasutra vote on the nominees. This year, Hades was the overall winner, and the game that received the most awards.

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During the show, Hades received awards for Best Design, Best Audio, and won the overall award for Game of the Year. This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise considering Hades was a critical darling when it released, and won several Game of the Year awards and perfect scores in 2020.

In response to winning the Game of the Year award, Supergiant Games said, "Hades just earned Game of the Year in the Game Developers Choice!!! We’re beyond grateful, and deeply honored to have been in consideration at all alongside such inspiring games. From all of us, thank you!!"

Not only did Hades win Game of the Year, but it also took the most awards at the show, as almost every other game only won one award. Ghost of Tsushima won two awards including the Audience Choice and Best Visual Art, but Hades managed to come out on top by getting the overall winning award.

Hades winning so many awards is even more impressive considering its competition included The Last of Us Part 2, which previously hit over 300 Game of the Year awards, making it the first game to do so. Although Naughty Dog's latest didn't win that award it did receive one for Best Narrative.


Some of the other notable awards that were given out at the show include Phasmaphobia being awarded Best Debut, Best Technology going to Microsoft Flight Simulator, Genshin Impact being named Best Mobile game, and the Innovation award going to Media Molecule's Dreams.

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