Hades, the latest roguelike from Supergiant Games, has finally arrived on Nintendo Switch, and will be playable for all Switch users later today.

Hades has been in Early Access on PC since September 2018. After a number of iterations over the last two years, it was recently revealed that Hades would be coming to Nintendo Switch. However, there was no official release date - until now.

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For those unacquainted with the game, Hades sees Zagreus, son of Hades, repeatedly attempting to escape the undead clutches of the Underworld. It's a roguelike, meaning that dying brings you back to the very beginning, and that each and every run is defined by randomly-generated builds based on weapons, buffs, and more.

However, you'll have a lot of obstacles between you and the fresh air above the Underworld - from the Furies of Greek mythology to the shades Charon shepherds along the Styx, there are a variety of undead miscreants attempting to ensure you stay dead in the Chthonic Underworld - the most prominent of which is your father, Hades himself.


If you've yet to play Supergiant's latest, the Switch version represents Hades 1.0, meaning that it's the finished product. Those who have already played on PC will know that the game has gradually been increasing in scale over the last two years.

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Unfortunately, although Supergiant announced that Hades would support cross-saving between PC and Nintendo Switch, it was recently announced that the feature is due to be delayed indefinitely. So, even if you've escaped Tartarus and beyond ten times on PC, you'll have to start from scratch on Nintendo Switch until cross-save support is implemented at a later date.

Hades was shadow-dropped for the Nintendo Switch during today's Nintendo Direct, meaning that it will be playable for all Switch users later today. Again, this is the full version of Hades, so you'll be getting the gift-wrapped experience that Supergiant has been working hard on for the past two years.

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