The Halo series offers dozens of unforgettable story and action moments for every player brave enough to take up the mantle of the Master Chief. Many players adore the series for the therapeutic feeling they get when taking their anger out on grunts, brutes, elites, and more. Though these swathes of enemies covering a battlefield is what Halo is known for, their boss battles can be equally thrilling.

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Halo games come in many different shapes and sizes to feature bosses in with the mainline games pitting Chief against his worst rivals. The side content fills in some of the lore gaps and delivers action for the truly dedicated. As fans grasp for Halo: Infinite's potential release date and any scraps of information on it, there is no better time to look back on the best bosses in the Halo franchise.

10 The Banished Beat 'Em Up - Decimus

Depiction of Decimus in battle, artwork.

Decimus was one of the Brutes that formed the Banished - a group of mercenaries that split from the Covenant empire. After the Human-Covenant War concluded in Halo 3, there was hope for an era of peace, but the Banished had other ideas.

Decimus' fight appeared in Halo Wars 2 as the player attempted to cripple a portal network. Decimus stood bravely against UNSC forces -- even garnering aid from the Enduring Conviction battleship overhead. But the UNSC forces, infantry, vehicles, aircraft, and SPARTANs proved to be too much. In his haunting last words, he told the gamer to enjoy the victory since it would be their last.


9 The Epic Letdown - Ur-Didact

Halo 4 was a delightful finale to players completing The Master Chief Collection on PC, but the "boss fight" was a bit underwhelming to many. The game included highlight, emotional moments - such as John's farewell with Cortana - but taking down the Didact was simply a button-press.

The final part of the final mission involved climbing to the light bridge and planting a pulse grenade into the Didact's chest. Though he broke free, he could only last so long before falling into the vortex below.

8 The Forerunner Fanboy - Merg Vol

Art depicting Merg Vol.

Merg Vol's story was one of a religious zealot; he was convinced he had been chosen by the gods to wield the power of a Forerunner structure. Indeed, he even managed to turn on its emergency defences and become a potent enemy for the player of Halo: Spartan Assault.

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The active camouflage and dual energy swords made Merg Vol a tough opponent all on his own. The player had to go through several rounds of deactivating his shields before he stumbled out, vulnerable to the player's attacks. He let out one final, echoing roar before the player executed him for good.

7 The "Oh Great, THAT Mechanic" Boss - Sesa 'Refumee

An image of a covenant, Sesa 'Refumee, beside a guilty spark.

This battle was one of those dreaded few which includes copies of the opponent. Holograms of Sesa 'Refumee appeared beside him and Chief had to guess which was true and which were false. The yelp of pain he released when the player chose correctly was music to the ears.

Sesa Refumee was the leader of the heretics, who left the Covenant during the course of Halo 2. He and the Arbiter had some key philosophical differences that led to quite the scuffle. Sesa 'Refumee's battle was one of the hardest in Halo 2 - especially if you happened not to arrive armed to the teeth.

6 Another Covenant Defect - Parg Vol

An image of Parg Vol with another terrorist member.

Parg Vol is a villain from the Halo Spartan mini-series. Before becoming a terrorist, he was a member of the Covenant. When Fireteam Crimson arrived on the scene, unfortunately, they were determined to leave nothing standing.

Parg Vol serves the Didact and his battle is a tough moment from the game. After fighting through the local militia to finally reach the big bad himself, the Fireteam needed the help of strike fighters known as Broadswords in order to finish off the camp.

5 The OP Weapon Boss - Tartarus

When The Master Chief Collection was released, many fans took the opportunity to replay the mainline Halo games. Plenty of them were stunned to be reminded that the final boss of Halo 2, Tartarus, wields a gravity hammer that wouldn't be added for the Chief to use until the next instalment - but has even, years later, arrived in Fortnite!

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Halo 2 wasn't afraid to take risks, like having the player control the Arbiter, and this was another momentous occasion. Backed by his brute reinforcements, Tartarus wailed on the player with a weapon like nothing the fans had seen before. Of course, with the ever-popular griffball even returning to the Halo: The Master Chief Collection, it has never left the fan collective-subconscious ever since.

4 Engineered Sentient Viscera - Proto-Gravemind

Concept art of the proto-gravemind emerging from the ground.

In the final campaign level of Halo Wars 2, the player must face a Proto-Gravemind - an advanced Flood lifeform. The grotesque mass was founded when the Flood - being a hive mind - had gathered enough bodies and minds to become sentient. By combining huge numbers of Flood into this glob, they created something strong enough to act like a Gravemind might have by directing Flood troops in battle and taking on other complicated jobs.

Meeting the fully formed Gravemind in the main series games was no pleasant memory in any player's mind. So it was clear that the Proto-Gravemind had to be stopped before it could gain the power of the real thing. With a little help from a Retriever Sentinel, the Banished could eliminate the threat and contain the Flood outbreak.

3 The Double Whammy - High Prophet of Regret

The detestable prophets from the first few Halo games were easy to hate. With this in mind, Halo 2 didn't just allow players to kill one of them. No - this game went a step further. To take out the Prophet of Regret, the master chief must jump onto the chair and punch him into oblivion.

It's hard to forget the Birthday Party skull - it's a fan favourite! The grunts' heads exploding is so satisfying (almost like fruit, one might say), and the same is true of the Prophet. Punching him with this skull on earns the player a special achievement: "Needs More Whammy Bar."

2 The Warden Eternal Forerunner AI

An image of the Warden Eternal from Halo 5.

The Warden Eternal is a Forerunner artificial intelligence guarding the Domain. Master Chief came head-to-head with the Warden several times over the course of Halo 5. The final time is when grabbing the final piece of intel during The Breaking.

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It can be a tough fight as he can cover nearly every corner of the boss arena, but so rewarding once completed. With his teammates behind him - more than the nameless, red-shirt wearing backup from previous games - Chief's success was hard-earned.

1 The Monologuer - 343 Guilty Spark

At the end of Halo 3, players had been putting up with 343 Guilty Spark's incessant voice for some time. So closely, in fact, that it distracted them from spying The Flood in Halo: Combat Evolved. By the end of Halo 3, many fans were sick of the sound of his voice; that's what made his boss fight so satisfying.

Chief fought 343 Guilty Spark in the Halo's control room at the end of the game. When he turned on the player, fans had to get a hold of a Spartan Laser. Ironically, the best time to take fire was when he started talking because he'd finally stop moving.

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