The Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) has now concluded on the Heroes of the Storm subreddit, and there was quite a bit of insightful information revealed about the future of the game from the perspective of eleven developers who were answering questions for a few hours. Unfortunately, there was no major announcement to blow our minds, but there were still some interesting points to consider.

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Are There New Heroes? Maybe, We’re Not Sure

When asked if there were new heroes currently in development, u/Blizz_DWarner took advantage of the question format and replied in true Dad-joke fashion.

So, the answer is…probably? Given that Mei has arrived in Heroes of the Storm only recently, and there are so many more characters that could be added to the game from the Blizzard universe, we are likely to see more characters added over time. With that said, the answer leaves it totally up in the air!

The D.Va Rework Is Nearly Complete

u/Blizz_DWarner did not spend the AMA answering completely in vague, joke-like responses, as he went deep into the specifics of what a D.Va rework will entail. Overall, her entire kit has been reworked in terms of power distribution. Much of her fundamental playstyle remains, but users will now need to re-prioritize how they utilize her abilities to be effective.


For example, the basic attack damage for the Mech has been reduced, but enemies that are closer will take more damage. As a Tank, this feels far more appropriate and encourages players to get up close and personal on the frontline to defend those in the back. Readers can click here for a full breakdown of what her rework will mostly look like once released, though it remains subject to change.


While there is no definitive timeline in the works, Murky is also due for a talent review as well, but again, this might not come for a long, long time.

Re-Queue And Ready-Check Are In Development

A bit of great news is that both the re-queue and ready-check features are currently in development. Although there is no firm date on when this will be released, u/Blizz_Daybringer describes the work as “currently the highest priority of our tech feature initiatives.” It may not be coming right away, but it is always nice to know a long-requested feature is in the works, and hopefully we will never again need to deal with the problems of reconnecting in game following a brief connection issue.

A Map And Hero Editor

One question that popped up a few times was if there would ever be a map and hero editor added to the game for experimentation and the creation of fun, customized games. u/Blizz_MarkPetro replied by stating that there is a lot of work involved in such a request, but more importantly, he asked three questions of the community in turn:

  • What would you expect to see in a hero editor?
  • What features would be most important in a hero editor?
  • Are there any specific examples what would like a hero editor to be?

We already know that Blizzard has decided to keep Heroes of the Storm running on the bare minimum of official support, and something like a custom map and hero creator could help keep the game alive for years to come thanks to its passionate community of players.

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Amateur Tournaments And Ongoing Balance Updates


Since Blizzard decided to gut the professional esports community for Heroes of the Storm, diehard fans who remain with the game continue to create amateur, grassroots tournaments to much success. However, a common issue mentioned in the AMA was that it can be difficult to coordinate and schedule an event when there is no roadmap and timeline for upcoming balance updates.

For now this is going to remain an issue, as the developers stated that there is more coming down the pipeline in terms of quality of life improvements and balance updates, but that they cannot provide a specific date for anything, both because it could take longer than expected, and they do not want to disappoint fans for missing a date if more time is needed.

In sum, the entire AMA is a great read, because it shows that those who are still involved in the development of Heroes of the Storm seem quite passionate about their work, and despite being stripped down in developmental resources, there is still life in the game. Readers can click here to comb through the entirety of the AMA, as it is well worth a deep dive!

Source: Blizzard Developers

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