The Fallout series originally began as a role-playing game set in the post-post-apocalyptic future. The descendants of the survivors of the Great War were rebuilding their lives. The people living on the West Coast managed to rebuild major towns from the irradiated rubble. There are some recurring issues, such as fights over the most basic resources, but the heroes Fallout 1 and 2 manage to save the day in the end.

Bethesda took over the story after Fallout 2. In Fallout 3 and 4, the survivors on the East Coast were not so lucky. They had problems rebuilding their settlements. Residents were still living in shacks under broken highways. Many didn't have clean water until the Lone Wanderer completed Project Purity. In Fallout 4, the Sole Survivor worked to find their son and put an end to the war between the Institute and the Commonwealth's factions.

The main issues in the Fallout series are resolved within the primary campaign. Many gamers rush through, claim the achievement, and set the story aside. For those who love the series, they take their time and get to know each new region Fallout explores. There is always a central story to complete, but there are also several side missions to finish. These quests will net players powerful new weapons, helpful companions, or help give birth to a new generation.

Our list compiles some of the side quests gamers may have missed during their time in post-post-apocalyptic America. Be warned: there are significant spoilers throughout this list.

25 The Courier’s New Title


In Fallout: New Vegas, your character begins as a simple Courier. They have the potential to become a warrior for the Legion or a soldier for the New California Republic. The Courier can also make their path and rule New Vegas.

The Courier also has the chance to become certified as a master of space.

Once you enter the REPCONN headquarters, you are greeted by a Mister Handy. This robot will explain the ins-and-outs of RobCo, including spaceships, missiles, and robots. This handy robot will then unlock the Planetarium. At the end of the tour, you will officially be an "Honorary Rocketeer."


24 Find A Missing Friend


Fallout 3's Galaxy News Radio doesn't just play old hits from the 40s and 50s. The radio station also plays a radio drama called "The Adventures of Herbert 'Daring' Dashwood and His Ghoul Manservant Argyle." A senior Herbert Dashwood can be found living in the lap of luxury in Tenpenny Tower. Unfortunately, Argyle's adventuring days were cut short. The Lone Wanderer can find out what happened to the ghoul in "A Manhandled Manservant." After some trouble in Rockopolis, Dashwood managed to escape. Argyle wasn't so lucky. He passed before making it out of the cave.

23 Become A Hero From The Past


On the Sole Survivor's search for their missing son, they will visit the settlement of Goodneighbor. In one of the rooms near the main entrance is a ghoul named Kent. He's a huge fan of a drama called "The Silver Shroud." He wishes that the Shroud could come back and take down the evil in the world today. The Sole Survivor can help fulfill his wish. After obtaining the original Silver Shroud costume, the Sole Survivor can bring justice back to life by taking down various villains in the settlement.

22 Recruit The First Furry Companion


Dogmeat has become a well-known companion of the Fallout series. Bethesda has often advertised the canine for Fallout 3 and 4. Some gamers don't realize he has always been part of the Fallout series.

Dogmeat's roots travel all the way back to Fallout 1.

In Junktown, the Vault Dweller can help in "Solve Phil's Canine Conundrum." Dogmeat is blocking the entrance to the casino. Some may give up and walk away, but you can recruit the canine as a companion by equipping a leather jacket. The clothing item will remind Dogmeat of his former master, and he will join you.

21 Help Others Start A New Life


The settlers in the Capital Wasteland had a hard time rebuilding their lives. Some give in to their despair and indulge in substances. That doesn't mean their children have to have the same fate. The Lone Wanderer can begin the quest "The Runaways" in Rivet City. After talking to James, you can convince him and his friend, C.J., to run away. They will run to Anacostia Crossing Station, but there is a chance they'll get caught by the Rivet City Police. If not, they will escape for good.

20 Save A Town From Destruction


The Chosen One can choose to fulfill their mission and go home. More kind-hearted players will try to help out anyone they meet on their path. In Trapper Town, you'll learn that people are disappearing. The survivors will find the remains of those lost, which leads to the caverns below the town. The caverns have been infested with rats. Keeng Ra'at, the Rat God, is controlling them. He's incredibly intelligent, and can even talk, but has recently turned hostile. If you want to bring peace to the town, you'll have to take down this tough boss.

19 Take Down A Scam Artist


After being hired by the Cabot family, the Sole Survivor is hired to find Emogene. She has run away to join the Pillars of the Community, which is a cult living in the Charles View Amphitheater.

The most obvious choice is to destroy the Pillars of the Community and rescue Emogene.

If you find yourself agreeing with the cult members, you can join them instead. You will be told to forfeit all of your gear (and your companion's) in the back room. If you change your mind, you won't be allowed to leave until you force your way out.

18 A Gift From Three Dog


Fallout 3 may lead the Lone Wanderer on a particular path, but you can easily stray away. If you decide to find more information about your missing father before meeting Three Dog, you can start "Caching in with Three Dog." At the end of the quest "Galaxy News Radio," instead of giving you information about James, Three Dog will provide you with a key to a hidden stash of items in Hamilton's hideaway. These items will help you on the journey to tracking down your missing father.

17 Rescue A Future Leader


The Vault Dweller has some spare time to help out their neighbors. After returning to Shady Sands, you'll be asked to save Tandi from a group of Raiders. There are several ways to complete this mission, including defeating all of the Raiders, pick the lock, or use dynamite to explode her cell door open. It's a lot of effort to go through, which is why you may decide to take her with you as a companion. You'll later learn that Tandi and her friends would transform Shady Sands into the New California Republic.

16 Learn The Fate Of Vault 11


Vault-Tec has several vaults throughout the remains of America. The Courier will have to search underwater for Vault 11. Entering the vault will begin "Democracy Inaction."

Vault 11 was a sick social experiment to test the voting process.

The Dwellers were forced to sacrifice one of their own once a year. If they refused, they would all be eliminated. The Courier can go through the entire sacrificial process and find how the residents met their ends outside of the vault door

15 Become The Star Of The Show


The Chosen One has spent most of their lives in a small town called Arroyo. As they explore the East Coast to retrieve a Garden of Eden Creation Kit (GECK) to save their settlement, they run into brand new places. Once inside New Reno, the Chosen One can decide to take a more adult path. Pass the Corsican Brothers' audition, and you'll have what it takes to become a star in a devious set of movies. If you don't pass the audition, you can still earn some caps by "helping out" the stars.

14 Help A Soldier Return Home

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The Sole Survivor was alive long enough to witness the horrors of war. After thawing out over two centuries later, they learn that there are still others who are trying to return home. On the docks behind the Shamrock Taphouse, Donny will show the Sole Survivor a "monster" in the water. It turns out to be the Yangtze submarine. Inside is Captain Zao, who needs help getting his submarine moving again in the side quest "Here There Be Monsters." His companions have all turned feral, so it's up to you to help him return home.

13 Help Others Overcome Their Problems


Myron is a child prodigy working with the Mordino's. He helps develop new substances that fill New Reno, even though he can't stand chems. You can help him develop a cure for Jet. If playing as a male Chosen One, he is recruitable and will do his best to help.

If playing as a female, Myron won't make the side quest any easier.

He will try to repeatedly flirt with a female Vault Dweller until the side quest is over. Helping others overcome their addiction won't be easy, but the rewards are worth the trouble.

12 Do The Right Thing


In the first Fallout game, Decker is the top crime boss in the Hub. He also runs two companies: the Underground and Friendly Lending Company. At first, the Vault Dweller helps him before he learns more about the villain. the Vault Dweller can then decide to turn him into the Hub Police in "Take Down Decker." The Vault Dweller will travel with Sheriff Greene and Deputy Fry for a fierce battle. Survive, and you'll be given 1,300 caps and 1,400 XP.

11 Find New Employees For The Atomic Wrangler


If the Courier asks for work at the Atomic Wrangler casino, James Garett will jump on the offer. He'll ask the Courier to find him three specific people for his very particular patron. You'll have to find a charismatic smooth talker, a Ghoul wearing a Cowboy outfit, and a robot made for romance. They won't agree easily. You'll have to have a high level of speech to convince them to work at the casino. Once all three have agreed, the Courier can find them working at the Atomic Wrangler in the future.

10 Help Sow The Seeds Of Growth


When playing any game, it's easy to get absorbed in your character's struggles. Other characters are trying to survive in the wastelands as well.

The Vault Dweller has an opportunity to help out the struggling residents in "Improve Shady Sands' Agriculture."

If your Science skill is high enough, you can teach Curtis more about how to improve his farming techniques. It seems minor but has a huge pay off for the future of the settlers: their fields will become fertile again, feeling the residents for decades to come.

9 Help A Volunteer Militia Survive

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The Minutemen aren't the only civilian militia in the Commonwealth. Barney Rook formed the Salem Volunteer Militia in the remains of Salem. The Sole Survivor will meet Barney as part of the side quest "Gun Run." He needs your help to reactivate the town's defenses. You'll have to fight off Mirelurks as you activate each terminal. The fight is well worth the effort. After helping Barney, he will give you access to Reba II, a custom-made sniper rifle with a +50% damage bonus against bugs and Mirelurks.

8 Choose The Fate Of A Mechanic


The Courier first meets Raul Tejada in Black Mountain. He's a prisoner in Super Mutant territory. Rescue the imprisoned Ghoul, and he can join you as a companion. Raul's past is mostly cloaked in history, but if you want to know more about him, you'll have to bring him along for most of your journey. After speaking to a variety of settlers, you'll learn more about your new companion. Raul is not only a top mechanic but also a former gunslinger. With the Courier's help, he can either return back to his roots or move forward with his life.

7 Resolve A Super Human Fight


The Capital Wasteland's Canterbury Commons is destroying itself. Two super-powered humans are trying to take over the town and destroying it in the process. The Mechanist is a hero trying to protect the city. The Antagonizer is using her army of giant ants to take over the settlement.

It's up to the Lone Wanderer of how to resolve the battle between The Mechanist and the Antagonizer.

The problem can be solved by eliminating both of them, agreeing to help one and destroying the other, or making them agree to a truce. No matter what path you choose, Canterbury Commons will be at peace.

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6 Go In Steel For The First Time

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On first sight, the Brotherhood of Steel can take your breath away. They are a group of soldiers with advanced technology. You have the opportunity to join their group in the first Fallout game. They don't make joining easy. You'll have to first retrieve a holo-disc from the West Teck Research Facility in the Glow. You'll find the quest item on the remains of a fallen soldier wearing power armor. The quest will be difficult, but you'll be rewarded with access to the Brotherhood's bunker, which includes an arsenal of weapons.

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