Since 1999, the adult animated series Family Guy has been a regular staple of late night tv. The series creator Seth Macfarlane was only 24 years old when the show started, and since then has risen to prominent stardom largely thanks to the show's loyal fan base. Twice the show was cancelled by Fox, and twice it was brought back due to the strength of DVD sales. It was also the first show in television history to be brought back from DVD sales alone. Nearly 20 years since it began, Family Guy continues to air new episodes every Sunday and is currently in its 16th season. The show has undergone a number of changes but still catches attention for its irreverent humor and over-the-top graphic content.

Given the time of its arrival, it might not be a surprise how well Family Guy took to internet culture. Before such shows as Tosh or Web Soup, it was one of the first comedy series to fully parody viral trends. Social media has been just as kind to the series, having created and shared countless memes about it across the span of the internet. This gives us the perfect excuse, (if any was even needed,) to compile a list of 20 of the funniest Family Guy related memes we could find.

For this list, we've found a combination of the most hysterical and the most relevant memes featuring a host of our favorite Family Guy characters. Prepare to find out what grinds our gears and laugh out loud with these 20 hilarious memes.

20 Is There A Difference?


It must be interesting to be two of the most relevant animated shows in the history of television, bar none. The Simpsons may have come first, and they still hold the crown for longest-running American sitcom ever, but Family Guy is not far behind in both popularity and notoriety.

A yellow Simpson-ified Peter Griffin looks way weirder than Family Guy-ed Homer. I wonder if that settles disputes or creates more...

It's clear that a show's aesthetic choices factor hugely into recognizability and branding, but we immediately knew who these guys were anyway. We'd totally love another crossover episode like in Family Guy's 13th season episode "The Simpsons Guy".


19 Who Else Can Relate?


Family Guy has spawned more references and memes than any other series that I'm aware of. Aside from three full episodes directly parodying the original trilogy, there are numerous internet memes taken directly from moments all throughout the show.

Stewie's "cool hwhip" phrase and Peter's "Bird is the Word" song are just two small examples of a long-running tradition of meme-able Family Guy moments that we love. The "Grinds My Gears" segment has become a wide-spread sensation as well.

This particular meme draws from the classic Toy Story 2 depicting an abundance of a chosen fact or object. The original meme is taken from a scene where Buzz Lightyear talks to Woody about leaving for a camping trip with Andy to make "delicious hot schmoes", or s'mores. Instant classic.

18 We Can't Un-See This


While we're still trying to erase the unbelievably uncomfortable sight of a fleshed out Peter Griffin from our corneas, we have to admit it's actually a clever meme. How many times have we felt like a free trial is simply ripping us off for a service that could be so much better (and probably free elsewhere)?

If you can, always get the premium version of any program you're using. It'll be worth it in the end, trust us.

Despite any capitalistic inclinations, shelling out for the legitimate version of a movie, tv-show or program may seem like a silly choice. But we agree that it validates and rewards the creators. However, we think we'll stick with the free trial versions of Family Guy characters. Particularly if they look like that.

17 The Jury Is In


The feud between The Simpsons and Family Guy has been well documented in the media, as we've previously seen. For years The Simpsons writers considered Family Guy little more than an uninspired rip-off. That didn't stop the two shows from airing on the same night and network for almost as long as Family Guy has existed. The two shows have even poked fun at each other many times with scenes like this

In the episode "Cool Hand Peter" Peter and his friends are arrested while on a road trip through the deep south. The gang is forced into a hard-labor prison after being subjected to a jury of Simpsons characters. Since then the rivalry between the two shows has softened, with a 45-minute crossover special released in 2014. Both shows are still running side-by-side to this day.


It always feels like your day has been blessed by unicorns when you happen upon a real-life version of a fictional character. It's not a common occurrence, so these sightings must be relished. This particular case shows us the documented existence of the real Peter Griffin, alive and well in a small American town.

Real World Peter apparently works as a construction man, toiling away to make Quahog a safer place to drive.

We know Peter has had many jobs whilst on the show, such as toy inspector, fisherman and a Renaissance jouster. So it's no surprise seeing him branch out like this. We wonder if any of this friends also work there, and we'd love a detailed photoshoot of all Family Guy characters hiding in our world!

15 How Does That Saying Go?


With logic like this it's a wonder Peter manages to stay alive at all. We all remember the strained relationship between Peter and Ernie, the giant chicken? The enormous bird like to interrupt scenes mid-sentence and attack Peter, resulting in a tumultuous and intense series of interactions.

So not only was the chicken raw enough to cross the road, it did it to attack Peter Griffin and exact revenge.

We love that this meme makes the link between Family Guy and notorious chef Gordon Ramsay, who famously unleashes barrages of insults on any unsuspecting chefs who mess up an order. Maybe we should have Ramsay on Family Guy. Just saying.

14 Not As Described


No matter who you are, you're bound to find someone that gets on your nerves once in a while. It's just an unfortunate fact of life there isn't much you can do about. With any luck, the way people express their identities on the internet won't bug you too much.

We've come to accept that they way someone portrays themselves on the internet is very likely not at all the way they are in real life.

We feel like that may be a little sad, and that the future is giving us maybe a little too much power with things like social media and photo editing software. We must be the generation to do it! Come on, guys and girls! Put away those Instagram filters and close that Photoshop window!

Yeah, no.

13 It Goes Both Ways


Internet clips become world famous, the internet becomes parodied on tv, and now the parody itself becomes parodied on the internet. Could anyone have pictured such inception levels of memes 20 years ago? Maybe not, but that's the level of meme we have now.

There are no limits: if it can be portrayed on some kind of digital platform, it can be turned into a meme.

For those who may not remember, this song was originally created by a group called the Buckwheat Boyz. It was uploaded during the early days of youtube with a video featuring an animated dancing banana. This scene appeared in episode 16, season 4 of Family Guy in the episode "The Courtship Of Stewie's Father" in 2005. After disappointing his son Stewie, Peter doesn't feel too happy.

It may not have worked for Peter, but it works for us.

12 All Your Pledge


Does anyone remember the earliest memes? Like way back in the early 90s, possibly even before memes became self-aware? This is a perfect example of such a prehistoric meme relic. The 1989 arcade game Zero Wing was among the first to popularize "Engrish" memes, which are based on stereotypical grammatical or spelling errors from an Asian perspective.

The poorly translated dialogue between two ship captains describes an invasion with fighting words: "All your base are belong to us!".

This meme pokes fun at Family Guy's cleaning lady character Consuela, and at her efficient methods in keeping the Griffin house spotless. Here, she threatens the viewer that she will indeed invade and confiscate all of their Pledge cleaning solution, much like the pirates in Zero Wing.

11 We All Know Where This Is Going...


Seriously, if you haven't seen enough Family Guy to know where this is going, then you just haven't been seeing Family Guy. Just look at the way Peter is smiling, that mischievous grin that he's wearing. You know there's something going on in his mind right now, something bound to cause trouble.

Just wait about five seconds, and you'll see why.

While visiting the aquarium with his family, Peter decides this octopus would look better with a face drawn on it with a sharpie. Unfortunately, the octopus itself doesn't agree, and well,... he breaks through the glass and proceeds to teach Peter a lesson. From the episode, "Bill And Peter's Bogus Journey", losing a fight to this octopus does motivate Peter to go to the gym once.

Just another day in Quahog, Rhode Island.

10 Who Could Resist?

Is there anything more irresistible than a shiny red button labeled "Do Not Press"? Could anyone resist such a jolly, red, candy-like button such as this? Could you move on from that point without knowing what could have been? No, no you could not, and neither could Peter Griffin when given the chance.

So what happens when you press the big, red button?

Apparently, the only function this button has is to make an elderly man appear and kick you to the ground. There doesn't appear any other consequence, no other purpose, it's just a way to get kicked. Was it worth our while finding this out? If you're living in the Family Guy television series, why not? Chances were you were going to be knocked over somehow anyway!

9 It's The Best Medicine


Sharing laughter isn't just a courtesy, it's practically an obligation. Laughter makes everyone feel better, so why wouldn't you make sure to spread it as far and wide as possible? Your friends should be appreciative of the fact you want to share the same hysterical sensation with them!

This meme comes from one of Family Guy's nearly countless randomly inserted joke clips.

Peter demonstrates how one's laughter changes when they find something so funny it's impossible not to laugh. It's the kind of laughter that catches attention, especially when people haven't heard it from you before. The only thing I can't figure out is why Peter's hair is grey here. Not sure if it's an error or if he's supposed to be older in this scene. Well done either way.

8 Annoying Back Seats


There's nothing more irritating than back seat drivers. They're paranoid, controlling and generally overbearing in the worst, most invasive ways. We can totally agree with Peter. The car is falling off a bridge and we're not panicking yet.

What's the logical way to handle this situation? I know: FORWARD.

Come on, Lois. We think Peter has a handle on the issue, since he clearly even has time to make a little sarcastic jibe. Advice is totally great, and some people really feel like they need to help others and dispense it all the time. That's great, but other people feel that makes them want to dispense punches. That should be accepted too.

7 Remember When?


So this one has definitely been passed around a lot, but we would be remiss not to mention it. The language just lends itself so perfectly to meme culture. You have a whole world of history to draw from with this one, just imagine anything Pepperidge Farm might remember.

If you don't know, Family Guy is parodying an actual Pepperidge Farm commercial here.

Chances are if you're on social media at all you've seen more than a few references to it online. The number of memes this short clip inspired are countless and include such gems as: "Remember when people played video games for fun? Remember when there were no commercials on the internet? Remember when teenagers tried to be funny without always referencing Family Guy?"

Pepperidge Farms remembers. They always remember.

6 What Memes Were Made For


This particular meme feels rather 4th wall-esque, since Peter's famous "Grinds My Gears" section is directly addressing meme culture itself. We don't really know if Peter is right, however. Meme culture is clearly rooted deeply in share-ability, and in the generation of laughs and puns through common ground.

It's not like they belong to the people who created them, since what makes them so effective is the recognizable quality in the jokes or events they recount. If people have experienced something similar to what the meme describes, the bond is made and the meme is successful!

Peter can say that sharing memes as jokes with buddies really "grinds his gears", but we gotta be honest: we don't think he really understands memes.

5 Porque No Los Dos?

Family Guy has never shied away from poking fun at celebrities, politicians, or sports stars. Neither has the show ever shrunk from making fun of accents and foreign backgrounds, wherever possible!

Clearly Consuela can't seem to keep herself from starring in all sorts of memes, and to be honest, we see the resemblance!

This meme is making a clear connection between Dora the Explorer and Family Guy, and perhaps even suggesting that, through some complicated sitcom world-jumping, Dora will grow up and legally change her name. Maybe she turns up on the Griffins' doorstep one day, and a bond is instantly formed.

What? It could happen.

4 Oh Haaaaay


He doesn't appear often, but when he does, he's instantly recognizable by his voice. During the first few seasons of Family Guy, he was only a minor character without a name. After the show was brought back from cancellation the first time, Bruce came into his own to become one of the most recognized side characters the show has. As evidence, did you read the meme in his voice? If so, the point has been made.

Bruce is a jack of all trades in the Family Guy world.

He's worked in retail for numerous stores, as a CPR teacher, a referee, priest, medium, and board member of the local public school district. As a lot of animated sitcoms do, the writers usually stick him into whatever scene he's needed in. Having such a memorable character in such situations definitely gives the show a boost.

3 Expectation Vs Reality


Some memes aren't reimagined with a consistent image, but with a consistent set of words instead. What kind of idea could be more relatable than our expectations against the realities of life? This meme actually uses a basic screencap of Family Guy itself as basis for a social media joke.

We can't deny that Peter looks smashing with those fake lashes, that garish lipstick and that sassy nose-ring. Ding dong!

Anyone with an Instagram (or even just a Facebook) account can attest to seeing about a hundred of these kinds of selfies or pictures zoom by in their feed. What is it about that specific hairstyle, and that vapid expression that immediately calls to social media presence? Like, you now these accounts always have over 100 000 followers.

And you don't.

2 Curse You Autocorrect!


Since the days of autocorrect's infancy, it has made suggestions and remade texts after a fashion all its own. At no point has anyone, ever, meant to use the word "ducking" in a sentence! I'm not saying it isn't a nice feature, it isn't that it doesn't come in handy now and then, but seriously!

How much effort does autocorrect put into understanding context?

In the episode "Stewie B. Goode", the kid develops a substance problem after surviving an altercation at the pool. Brian does his best to teach Stewie a lesson so he'll never want to do it again. It works, though not without a few hijinks between the two.

Curse you autocorrect!

1 Back Off!


This meme was an instant classic, despite the potentially upsetting focus on overweight individuals as objectively different from smaller people. It's too vague to simply say that one is "in shape", anyway! There are about a million shapes to choose from, so why limit ourselves to assigning "tiny" as the default for health?

Peter is totally and absolutely right here, so health nuts can back off and stay off.

Round is a shape! And so is square. We can be round, in-shape squares and there would be nothing grammatically wrong with that! It may be socially weaker to poke fun at Peter's weight, but Family Guy is just one show in a line that trivializes unhealthy main characters, and routinely encourages kids to laugh off their bad nutritional choices.

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