Each of Hitman 2's beautiful levels includes a litany of challenges you can complete to boost your XP. There is plenty of variety between them as they task you with doing all sorts of different things. And completing all of them transforms Hitman 2 into a fairly long game.

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One of them is called Under The Mat. It's a discovery challenge that's a part of the Hawke's Bay level. The description the game gives for it is "Find The Hidden House Key." Based on the description and name of the challenge, you assume you have to find a key under a welcome mat, but that's not the case. Here's what you really have to do.


Hitman 2 Screenshot Of Hawke's Bay Planning Screen

The Under The Mat challenge is a part of the first mission of the game. Therefore, if you've already played it before, select the Hawke's Bay destination and the Nightcall mission.

Typically when planning a mission, you can equip Agent 47 with all sorts of great equipment, but he doesn't need it here. All you need is a gun, so you can just select the default pistol as your concealed weapon. As for the starting location, choose either the boat or the beach. There is no reason to pick a place inside the house because you have to be outside for this challenge anyway.

Finding And Using The Key

Hitman 2 Nightcall House Screenshot Showing Pool Area

The key is in the pool area of the house. Reaching the pool isn't too difficult because Hawke's Bay isn't a large destination - which is why it's not considered among the best Hitman levels ever.

Hitman 2 Screenshot Of The Entrance To Pool Area

When approaching the main building, you should see plenty of large windows on the left side - this is the pool area. So, head towards this section of the complex while watching out for any cameras. To get to the pool, use one of the two openings on either side of the room.

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Hitman 2 Screenshot Of Vase In The Corner Of The Pool Area

Once inside, find the vase that's in the corner. It's beside a bench that's holding a plant and some towels. The key is hidden within the decorative object, but Agent 47 won't reach his hand inside. So in a bit of funny Hitman logic, the only option is to obliterate the vase using a bullet. Afterward, you can pick up the key.

Hitman 2 Screenshot Of Door To The House

You don't need to go far to find the door that this key unlocks as it is the one in the pool area. Using it allows you to complete the first objective of the mission and enter the house.

Benefits Of Doing The Challenge

Hitman 2 Screenshot Of Under The Mat Challenge

There are several reasons why completing this challenge is a good idea. Firstly, it nets you 1,000 XP to boost your mastery of the destination and unlock things like new starting locations.

Secondly, it's arguably the most efficient way to enter the house. Alternative roots require that you find screwdrivers or climb pipes to gain entrance to the place. Once you know how to do this one it's a lot more simple. Plus, most of the security cameras are far away from the pool area, so you don't need to worry about them too much.

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