Life is Strange 2 follows the story of two brothers traveling across the USA in an attempt to cross the border into Mexico, following some strange events that force them on the run. Their bond is deep, and it shines throughout each episode of this story.

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All five episodes are available to play, and are absolutely worth jumping into. With so many choices to make, characters to meet, and extras to uncover, Life is Strange 2 is an excellent story that won’t take up too much of your time. That said, just how much time does it take to finish?

The Main Story

LiS2 Sean and Daniel sitting in forest

The story of Life is Strange 2 spans five episodes in different locations across the country. There are always new characters to meet and predicaments to solve, and you’ll be looking at around 16 hours to finish it all.

Each episode will take you around four hours to finish, with some adding on a little extra for exploration or longer cutscenes. It all depends on how much time you want to spend walking around, talking to people, and interacting with everything you can.

How Long For Completionists?

LiS2 Looking over canyon

If you are someone who hopes to see absolutely everything there is in Life is Strange 2, then you can expect to be busy for about 20 hours on average. You could skim a few hours by speeding through certain sections, or take considerably longer by exploring at a leisurely pace.

There are plenty of collectibles and dialogue options to find, adding so much more to the overall experience. If you’re someone who loves a deep story with so many details to find hidden beneath the surface, then it’s worth the extra time taken.


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How Long Does It Take To Finish Captain Spirit?

Captain Spirit holding out hand

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is the unofficial sixth episode of Life is Strange 2 - or more accurately Episode 1.5. It is a free spin-off game that players can jump into without the need for playing Life is Strange 2, but follows directly into Life is Strange 2 Episode 2. Captain Spirit itself will only take a couple of hours to finish, even if you want to explore everything.

While you can play The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit separately, or even skip it entirely, you should absolutely take the time to play it before the second episode of Life is Strange 2. The game will even recommend it to you beforehand, and prompt you to download it for free - it adds a lot to the overall experience.

Do You Need To Play The First Game?

LiS Max looking at wall of polaroids

Life is Strange 2 is an entirely separate game from the original. While there will be some references and mentions of the events of the first game, it’s not necessary to have played the first game beforehand.

However, it is recommended that you do - the first game offers an amazing experience, just as the second game does, and Life is Strange 2 takes place after the events. When starting a new game, Life is Strange 2 will import your save for the first game, or alternatively ask you what happened, so that the mentions of events are accurate - having not played the first game, the experience would be spoiled immediately.

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