One of the recurring jobs in the Final Fantasy series is the Dragoon, which is a type of warrior that can perform mighty leaps and drive their spear straight through enemies. It's possible to create the Dragoon as a subclass for the fighter in Dungeons & Dragons

The first Dragoon was Ricard Highwind from Final Fantasy IIbut he was only a Dragoon in name, as he shared the same abilities as the other members of the cast. The Dragoon became a job in Final Fantasy IIIalongside the jump attack, which was necessary for defeating one of the bosses in the game. Many fans consider Kain Highwind from Final Fantasy IV to be the first true Dragoon, in terms of his role in the story and his character abilities. Since then, there have been numerous Dragoons, as well as Dragoon jobs for characters to select.

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The Dragoon Class In D&D

Dragoon Class Features

The Dragoon is an archetype for the fighter class, which means that it can be selected at level three. The Dragoon gains the following class features -

Level 3: Jump - The physical prowess of the Dragoons is legendary, as they are said to be able to achieve incredible athletic feats while clad in heavy armor and wielding massive spears and lances. The most feared ability possessed by Dragoons is their jump attack, which allows them to bring their full weight to bear against the enemy while bearing down on them from the sky.


In order to perform a jump, the Dragoon needs to move at least 10ft in the direction of the enemy they wish to strike and perform an attack. If the attack is successful, then the Dragoon doubles their STR modifier upon impact. When the Dragoon reaches level 12, the modifier is tripled. The jump can only be performed with a lance or spear. If the player rolls a 1 when performing a jump attack, then the attack misses, and the Dragoon is left prone.

The unconventional nature of the jump means that enemies cannot use reactions that target the Dragoon while they are jumping. They can still perform other reactions that don't target the Dragoon, if they apply.

Level 7: Lance Master - The Dragoon no longer has disadvantage when attacking a foe within 5ft using a lance. They also have advantage on all lance attacks performed while mounted.

Level 10: Lancet - The Dragoons have gained the power to steal the life force of their enemies in combat. When the Dragoon performs an attack, they can regain hit points equal to double their strength modifier. Lancet cannot be used in conjunction with jump. Lancet can be used once per short/long rest.

Level 13: Dragon Slayer - When using the jump attack on a dragon, the critical threat range of a lance or spear becomes 18-20.

Level 18: Dragon Breath - The Dragoon has learned to call upon the powers of dragons. Once per day, they can use a fire breath attack as an action. The dragoon exhales fire in a 60-foot line that is 5 feet wide. Each creature in that line must make a DC 18 Dexterity saving throw, taking 45 (13d6) fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.

The Dragon Hunters

Dragoons bear draconic imagery in their armor, which means that they have a close association with dragons in whatever game they are in. This usually means that they are close allies with dragons, or they specialize in hunting them. There are many Dragoons who forge their first suit of armor from the scales of a dragon they have just slain.

The Dungeons & Dragons campaign worlds are full of dragons, some of which are good, but many of which are evil. Many mortal societies stay away from evil dragons, and this feeling is usually reciprocated, as they're usually content to sleep on their piles of treasure in peace. There are times when an evil dragon decides that they want more than the coins beneath their belly and that they want to drastically increase their hoard. These dragons will gather armies of weaker creatures under their banner and lay siege to settlements in search of loot. It's times like these that the Dragoons are called, as impaling dragons is their specialty.

It's easy to imagine most Dragoons as Bahamut worshipers, to further cement the Final Fantasy connection, but there could also be evil Dragoons who worship Tiamat and wear the five colors of the evil dragons on their armor. These Dragoons could specialize in hunting the good dragons in service of their wicked master, and making equipment from their scales. The dragon-packed nature of most campaign worlds means that there is plenty of room to include the Dragoon class, and they would seldom be out of work in places like Faerun, Krynn, or Oerth.

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